Traveling is a part of life — and it’s oftentimes a more complicated part of life. Between packing, schedules, and navigating the airport, trying to get from point A to point B is usually a headache for everyone involved.

But point B isn’t always the end of a journey. In fact, it’s usually a stuffy hotel room that you’ll be calling home for the next couple nights.

If you hate staying in hotels, you wouldn’t be alone. So many people dislike being away from all the comforts and routines of their home, especially if you’re traveling with kids or staying away for more than just a quick night.

Fortunately, that’s why we have life hacks — to make annoying situations easier and more comfortable. AWM is sharing with us a laundry list of brilliant hacks that are going to make all aspects of your hotel stay a million times easier!

One of our favorites from the list is one that looks a little bizarre upon first glance: blocking your bathroom drain with a plastic bag and weighing it down with a handful of coins.

You might be wondering why on earth what benefit someone might get from blocking the drain of your hotel tub. Odds are, you’re not taking a soothing bath when you’re on-the-go (unless you’re staying in a sparkling clean hotel for leisurely purposes) so why else would you be blocking the hotel drain?

The reason why: doing emergency, impromptu laundry.

Obviously, no one wants to do laundry on the road, but if you just stained the shirt you were going to wear for your big business meeting, a little wash might be necessary! This hack creates the blockage you need so no water leaks down the drain while you’re doing your quick wash.

Want some more clever hotel hacks? Make sure to watch the AWM video below for all the genius ideas.