Uninspired by the cost of living but inspired to strike out on their own, UK couple Adam and Nikki decided to forgo renting a place in favor of a tiny home. Tired of struggling to scrape up rent money each month, the pair embarked on a mission to make a home for themselves. Literally. They had been discussing the idea for some time before making the leap. “Pretty much all of our wages were going. At the end of the month, once we had paid for the running of the car and living costs, we wouldn’t really be left with anything,” said Adam. As lovers of travel, he said they wanted to find a way to save on rent and be able to travel inexpensively. Their idea: build their very own mobile home. Though virtually inexperienced in DIY projects, the two succeeded at their goal and are on the road traversing Europe!

Nikki and Adam started on eBay to find the house of their dreams, and landed a used Ford Transit Luton van for around $5,000(USD). With the support of their parents, they spent an entire year working on the van to turn it into a livable space. They both ended up moving back home and spent spare time and money to build their house when they had it. With YouTube videos and websites as their teachers, the couple learned and built as they went, making it a learning experience in the process. All in all, it cost roughly $13,000 U.S. dollars to renovate the truck. SWNS TV’s video below shows us how they did it!

Seating and bed area of couple's mobile home in a van.SWNS TV
Adam began by using a 3D modeling program to sketch out a floor plan and used it to design the interior of the van. It includes a kitchen, bunk bed, sofa, wet bath, and a wood burning stove to help keep them warm in cold weather. The van even comes with a little window and charming entry door that greet you when you roll up the rear door. A porch frames the “front door” where small chairs can be used for relaxing, giving this mobile home a nice touch.

Outdoor porch area of couple's mobile home in a van.SWNS TV
For the project itself, the walls were insulated and then covered with plywood sheathing. Staining the panels gave it decorative finish. A solar panel system was installed on the roof to help power a battery, LED lights, and water pump. However, Adam and Nikki did all the electrical work themselves, wiring the place for lights and appliances. A water pump is used for the shower that is enclosed with the toilet, making their bathroom space very convenient.

The kitchen has a countertop stove and tiny bowl sink that sit a few inches apart. Perfect for a warm cup of tea! Plenty of shelving lines both sides of the truck, providing storage space for dishes, books, and cooking utensils. To let in additional natural light, there’s also a built-in skylight that sits above their bed area. The wood flooring brings in an additional touch of luxury, and has been accented with rugs.

Kitchen area of couple's mobile home in a van.SWNS TV
Since giving up their jobs and selling of their belongings, Adam and Nikki plan to keep traveling and pick up work where they can. You can stay abreast of their adventures by following them on their blog, The Van Diaries.