There are so many things we all have to do on a daily basis, but there are probably certain things you avoid doing, like, ever. Perhaps these are things that you once (or multiple times) tried to do and failed at horribly, so now you avoid them with a passion.

What’s hard for one person might be crazy easy for someone else and vice versa. Reddit user cappuccinooww wanted to know, “What are you hilariously bad at?” Some of the answers have us laughing, and some of them have us nodding our heads in agreement. Scroll down to see 13 of our favorite answers to this question.

  1. Wrapping Gifts

    Reddit user PlatypusSchnitzel wrote:

    Wrapping gifts. It looks like an angry drunk person’s attempt every time.

  2. Spelling

    Written (and spell checked) by JuiceBox1:

    Spelling. My goal is to spell a word, not correctly, but correctly enough so that the predictive text can figure it out, and can show me the real spelling of the word. I often fail even at that though, so my last resort is always Google…

  3. The Introverts Hear You

    From Sirhc978:

    Talking to people I don’t know.

  4. Whistling

    Reddit user Berdiiie wrote:

    Under threat of death I still wouldn’t be able to whistle. I’ve read the tips, I’ve practiced, I’m still basically just spitting or forcefully breathing through pursed lips with no noise at all.

  5. Are You Winking at Me?

    Written by nev_ertheless:

    Winking. I CANNOT wink for the life of me. My friends are constantly harassing me for my inability to wink. It’s awful. Why can so many people just shut one eye?! It seems so simple, yet I just CANT.

  6. Dancing

    Shared by odoms365:

    Dancing. I genuinely cannot coordinate my body to do it

  7. Look Natural

    CrimsonFox100 wrote:

    Posing for pictures. When I smile, it looks like there’s a gun being pointed at me behind the camera. I just don’t understand how photogenic people exist

  8. Intentionally Flirting

    Written by brokendowndryer:

    FlirtingI am so bad at it when I’m trying. I’m such an awkward person. I’m good at it (as in I don’t realize I’m doing it) when I’m not trying.

  9. What’s Your Name Again?

    NeverSeenA1Thirteen wrote:

    Remembering names. I don’t know why but I can’t remember names. I’ve forgotten names of people I’ve known for years and talk to them regularly.

  10. There, there…there, there

    Reddit user Vrinda777 added:

    Comforting or consoling a crying friend…

  11. What Day Is the 4th of July?

    D-Rez wrote:

    Remembering dates, even my own birthday.

  12. How’s the Weather?

    From mushydough:

    small talk

  13. There’s an App for That

    Written by foreverlovetheq22:

    Finding my keys, wallet, and phone right before I have to leave


Can you “hilariously bad” at any of these things?