Man At the Top of Heart Transplant List No Longer Eligible After Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

A 31-year-old man named DJ Ferguson desperately needs a heart transplant. According to his father, David Ferguson, his son’s heart is too weak to work correctly. His son his a husband and father, and he needs surgery in order to return to his life.

DJ is currently a patient at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where is also on the list for a heart transplant. Thankfully, he has reached the top of the list, but now, he has hit a road block.

DJ is not vaccinated for Covid-19, and he refuses to get vaccinated for Covid-19. Unfortunately for DJ, that means that he is no longer eligible to get a heart transplant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Doctors say the vaccine is now required in order to have heart surgery.

Watch the video below to learn more about DJ’s unfortunate situation directly from his father and to hear from a doctor about why the Covid-19 vaccine is required in order to receive heart surgery.

Although DJ may not be able to get heart surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, that does not mean that his situation is completely hopeless. He could consider switching to a different hospital with a different policy that would allow him to get the surgery without being vaccinated. DJ could also consider getting a mechanical pump. He would not need to be vaccinated in order to get the pump.

Do you think the hospital is taking things too far by refusing to perform heart surgery on an an unvaccinated patient? Do you think DJ should get vaccinated so they he is eligible for heart surgery? Do you think he should try to have the surgery done at a different hospital?