High School Dance Team’s Viral Harry Potter Routine is Taking the Internet by Storm

Fans of dancing, Harry Potter, and, basically, all things AWESOME, listen up. We have footage of one of the coolest dance performances we’ve ever seen–and, believe it or not, it was performed at a homecoming assembly!

The Harry Potter-themed dance extravaganza comes from Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona. It’s a school that is known locally for its great academics, but it has recently gotten international attention. This is because the school’s Advanced Dance Team regularly performs some of the most impressive and complex routines around.

Just last year, the dance team enjoyed their first taste of viral fame after its coach, Kristi Lopez, posted a clip of its Wizard of Oz-themed performance to YouTube. Ever since, the team of high school dancers has continued to get more and more attention, so much so that they actually got the chance to perform on America’s Got Talent. Definitely not your average high school extra-curricular!

Lucky for us, the team didn’t just rest on its laurels–it decided to outdo itself for this year’s homecoming pep rally. As we mentioned, it was Harry Potter-themed, and it’s one that all fans of the books and movies would greatly appreciate. On top of telling the beloved character’s origin story through dance, the choreography also includes some pretty epic fight sequences and some hilarious inside jokes for true HP fans.

But, that’s enough yapping on our end. It’s time for you to see this incredible homecoming rally dance for yourself. Just watch the video below and prepare to be wowed. There certainly is a reason why these teens have racked up over million views in as little as two weeks!

We’d love to hear your take on this Harry Potter-themed dance. Are you a fan of the choreography? Did you watch the team on America’s Got Talent? Do you know of any other standout high school dance teams?