Looking to have a quiet, relaxed summer? Well then, of course you’re going to need a hammock for your backyard, if you don’t already have one!

Hammocks are truly the best way to just enjoy some peace and quiet outside. Typically made of canvas or of rope mesh and suspended to a tree outside, hammocks allow you to just lay and enjoy some quiet and a cool breeze.

However that’s not to say hammocks are perfect. For example, what happens when you’re swinging gently, savoring the tranquility, when all of a sudden: BZZZZ! You smack your forehead with rage. Mosquitos! Those little critters can kill your vibe. Plus, have you ever tried to hang a hammock? Those things can be complicated!

Introducing the Hanging Swing Hammock with Mosquito Net, the perfect, easy way to relax without the annoyance of bugs. It also conveniently shields rain or any other outdoor nuisances, and is probably the easiest hammock you’ll ever install. Because of the mosquito net, no tools or equipment to hang it needed! The hammock can be placed anywhere you want to enjoy it, and its fine screen will block any mosquitos (or other bugs) from hindering you.

The hammock measures 7.6×4.6×6.7 feet, making it a perfect size for maximum comfort. The mosquito net contains quick-dry and weather-resistant Textilene fabric, upping the convenience even more. The weight limit is about 300 pounds, so depending on your size, you may even be able to fit two people on it!

People who’ve already purchased the hammock can’t get enough.

“Super strong enough, easy to assemble by two people. It is a cut above the others and well worth the price. I’d definitely buy it again,” someone posted in the reviews.

“I don’t know where to start…. I am enjoying my hammock tremendously. It was easy to assemble and looks just like the pictures…. so glad I got mines before it sold out,” someone wrote.

“It is heavy duty construction and works well. My husband and I like laying on it in the evening. Highly reccomend!” another touted.

“Definitely happy with this purchase! It is well made and easy to put together. Our children love it very much!” a fourth person commented.

If you don’t purchase one for yourself, it’s the perfect gift for family or friends who love the outdoors. While it’s currently sold out, you can still find it here to purchase when it’s available again.

What do you think of this mosquito-blocking, freestanding hammock? Do you think this is something you might purchase tis summer? What’s your favorite way to relax outside?