Kansas Hair Colorist Becomes Instagram Star With Stunning Nature-Inspired Looks

If you’re look for a bold new hair style, you’ve got to check out Ursula Goff. This Kansas-based hair colorist is known her for, well, colorful style, to say the least.

Ursula goes way beyond the standard hair dye colors—you know, blonde, brown, red, etc. She even goes beyond the more daring colors some people like to get, like pink, green, or blue. Those colors are all present in her work, but how she amps it up a notch is truly amazing.

Ursula gets her inspiration from nature. While you might think that nature would be kind of a boring place to draw inspiration from (dirt and rocks, really?) prepare to be amazed.

It’s hard to imagine what nature and hair have to do with each other, but this woman has truly done it. From flowers to leaves or even bugs, Ursula uses stunning photos of Mother Nature to create stunning hair, each more vibrant and awesome than the next.

But how does Ursula find clients who want this much color on their head? While gorgeous, it’s not necessarily the most corporate-friendly hair, or natural, to say the least.

Nevertheless, all her clients completely trust her—Ursula comes up with the idea of a place she wants to take inspiration from, and knocks it dead every time.

“My clients give me a lot of creative control,” she says. “I see things all the time that I’d love to do, so I set [inspiration pictures] aside until I have a good opportunity to utilize them.”

Here are some photos of some of her most stunning work. You can check her out at @uggoff as well.

  1. Sunflowers

    Arguably one of the prettiest flowers, this woman’s hair takes on the vibrant yellows, oranges, yellows and greens as a sunflower.

  2. Volcanoes

    Inspired by the lava fields and volcanoes in Iceland, this bright yellow and green look is super chic.

  3. Foliage

    There’s nothing like the colorful leaves of the autumn season, and some people think that enough to get their hair died those warm tones! We’re digging this warm vibe.

  4. Rocks

    Rocks are a common reoccurring theme for Ursula. But when rocks are this pretty, it makes sense!

  5. Geological formations

    The neon yellow, orange, teal, and navy hues were inspired by some of Earth’s prettiest sediments.

  6. The sky

    The photo on the left was taken at the Northern Lights and on the right, a perfect reenactment on hair. How mysterious and stunning are these hues together?

  7. Burning glaciers

    This look is both cool and hot, since it’s representing fire and ice! The inspiration for this one was the icy glaciers and fiery volcanoes in Iceland.

  8. Eruptions

    Another volcano, another gorgeous hair style.

  9. Icebergs

    Fifty shades of blue (and awesomeness).

  10. Space

    Fascinated by the speed of light, Ursula took to the purply starry night sky for this one.

  11. Bugs

    Even insects can make for an awesome hair color(s)!

How amazing are these “natural” hair styles? Would you ever want to get your hair died this vibrant?