If you think you’re weird, just know that we ALL have a little weirdness in us. Maybe you like to eat a certain meal a certain way or maybe you have some sort of ritual you always do before bed that no one else does. We like to call these quirks uniqueness, not weirdness!

The funnier thing is when you do something weird like this—but you don’t know it’s weird. One Reddit thread has us in stitches over all of the weird things people admitted they used to do that they always assumed were normal—until they learned otherwise. Here are the best answers.

  1. Cinnamon on Pasta

    “When I was younger I hated pasta sauce. So when we ate pasta, I would grab butter and melt the butter in the pasta, and then mix in cinnamon. I did it all the time and it became normal for my family. Then I went to a friends house and asked for cinnamon when they were serving pasta for dinner. Everyone watched me like I was a science experiment as I prepared, and then ate my cinnamon pasta.”

  2. Jell-O Feet

    “I HAVE to wiggle my feet to fall asleep.”

  3. Eating in a Certain Order

    “I tend to eat one thing at a time on my plate. I eat the thing I like the least first and my favorite item last. I didn’t know it was weird until I was 17 or so.”

  4. Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower

    “Apparently people DON’T do this. It’s such a time saver!”

  5. Holding a Drink in Your Mouth

    “When I drink something, I hold it in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. And not just a sip either, I like to take a huge drink and then slowly swallow it in little sips. I always thought this was the norm…until my friends asked me what the hell I was doing.”

  6. Using Baby Wipes to Wipe

    “like the clean feeling.”

  7. Having Toes That Lift Up

    “My toes lift up ever time I take a step. I thought that was normal until this summer. Explains why my shoes have holes on the top of them.”

  8. Checking Doritos Before Consuming

    “When eating Doritos I check both sides of the chip and then the side with more flavor goes face down on my tongue.”

  9. Searching for Crickets Before Peeing

    “Whenever I use the toilet I first look under the rim for crickets.”

  10. Eating Dry Pasta

    “I’ve been known to just start munching on four or five strands of dry spaghetti at a time. I’m currently snacking on rotini. It took until college for me to realize that this is not at all normal, and that people stop and stare when they hear the loud crunching sounds.”

  11. Putting Syrup on Everything

    “I put maple syrup in my milk, in my cereals, in my yogurt, in my coffee (Yes, I am Canadian).”

  12. Seeing Double

    “I was 16 years-old before I realized that it wasn’t normal to see double when you looked down (moved your eyes down without tilting your head).”

  13. Putting Honey on French Fries

    “It’s delicious, but people always act like I’m dipping fries in kitten blood or something.”

How funny are some of these quirks? What’s some seemingly normal thing you always used to do that you later learned was far from normal?