When You Have a Grill Full of Meat and Veggies, You’ll Be Glad You Know This Easy Trick.

It is officially summer, which means that grilling season is upon us. But when you’re grilling to a feed a crowd, it can be stressful in more than one way. For starters, there’s so much happening on the grill. Some people want hot dogs, others want burgers, others want veggies – how can you possibly keep track?! This can get difficult when it comes time to flip the food. If you’ve lost track of what’s been turned and what hasn’t, well, someone could be getting a burger EXTRA rare. Check out this easy grilling tip to leave no food on your grill unturned!

The trick is extremely logical, which is why we love it so much. It works great for searing in a frying pan or cooking on the grill.

FRYING PAN – If you’re making little cheeseburger sliders or searing up some scallops, you’ll be using a frying pan. When you get started, place all the patties/scallops/whatever you’re making down in a CLOCKWISE circle, starting at the handle.

Then, when it’s time to flip, go around the circle in the same clockwise order, starting at the handle. You’ll know this way that every food was flipped.

THE GRILL – When you’re outside grilling, the same idea works with a different shape…you’re not going to use circular patterns on a grill, that wouldn’t make sense. Instead, make rows, starting left and going right. Then flip each row from left to right as you put them down, ensuring everything has been tended to.

With this simple tip, you can be your best grilling-self this summer! What do you think of this little trick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.