There’s a lot we can learn from the older generation. While new tips and hacks might come along, our grandparents have had life experience to teach them amazing ways to do things.

Even if your grandparents aren’t around to pass on their best tips and tricks, you can learn brilliant hacks of other people’s grandparents. There are many videos and hacks shared on the internet by grandparents or by their children or grandchildren who are probably a little bit more tech savvy.

For example, this grandmother shared a biscuit recipe on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. This 70-year-old woman received so many comments that she was unable to respond to all of them.

Then there’s this amazing chef who just had to share her grandmother’s simple and delicious banana bread recipe. Even though The Domestic Geek isn’t fond of baking, she makes an exception when it comes to her grandmother’s banana bread.

Now there is another viral video featuring tips from a grandmother. This older lady goes by Granny, and she has been featured in a lot of her grandson’s TikTok videos.

That’s right; TikTok is not just for young people. Even the older generation is sharing viral tips, and we’re realizing more than ever that we have a lot to learn. 

Ross Smith’s Granny is featured in a lot of the videos he posts on TikTok, and her first “Life Hacks” video is definitely one worth watching.

In the video, Granny introduces herself and proceeds to show off two very simple life hacks using every day items.

In the first life hack, she shows how an old baby wipes container can be used to be a large bag of chips easy to open and reseal. It might look a little odd, but it works really well.

In the second life hack, Granny mentions how hard it can sometimes be to separate egg whites from egg yolks. If you’re into baking or cooking, you can probably remember a recipe where it calls for you to separate the whites from the yolks, and Granny’s genius hack will definitely make this task easier.

Watch the video below to learn how easy Granny’s life hacks are.

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Are you going to try these life hacks? What’s your favorite life hack from your grandparents?