A lot of times we think water rides and waterslides are great entertainment for kids, but there isn’t an age limit on fun. No matter your age, if you’re healthy and capable, slightly daring experiences can be exhilarating.

One 80-year-old grandmother let her family talk her into doing something a little daring – going down a waterslide. Not only that, but they talked her into holding a camera and recording herself during the entire journey.

The resulting video shows the grandmother and her granddaughter at the top of a waterslide. The granddaughter hands her grandmother a camera which is already turned on and recording. She shows her grandmother how to hold the camera and then steps back to let her grandmother take over.

This 80-year-old lady looks a little hesitant yet excited. She’s definitely not backing out now. She doesn’t know exactly what to expect from the ride, but she moves into position and gets ready to let the water push her down the slide. We’re so glad she’s holding a camera because her expressions and reactions throughout the ride are simply delightful.

She seems to be having fun right away, saying “Wheee” almost as soon as she starts moving. Then she changes her reaction to “Whooo” as she slides further along. She has trouble holding the camera steady as the ride gets a little bumpier, but we can still hear her giggles.

Towards the end of the ride, she seems to be going a little faster than she expected. She exclaims, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” before splashing under water in the pool.

Based on this last reaction, we wouldn’t know if she enjoyed the ride overall or not. Thankfully, she says, “Oh my god! I thought it was fun.” She seems delighted by the fact that she travelled “so fast.” This was certainly an experience she won’t forget for a long time, and neither will her family.

Not only did this grandmother enjoy her ride down the waterslide, but everyone who watches the video seems to be enjoying it right along with her. The video has received comments like “I wish I could take my grandma to something like that and let her be happy one last time…”

Enjoy this delightful ride for yourself by watching the video below. We’re pretty sure it’ll bring a smile to your face.

When was the last time you went down a waterslide? What do you wish you could take your grandmother to do one last time?