After Living with a Hunch for Decades, Yoga Changed Her Life

Recent studies have shown that over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. This pain can often come in bursts or linger as a daily burden; a bodily pain that never goes away.

Anna Pesce, of Orangeburg, NY, was one of the 100 million people accustomed to this chronic pain. She had severe scoliosis of her spine and lived for decades hunched over. Eventually, her posture became so poor that her mobility became affected and she was wheelchair bound. Doctors thought she wouldn’t be able to walk or live in comfort for the rest of her life.

But, at 85-years-old, Anna decided to make a serious life change. And that one alternation would completely transform her body and her life.

Pesce doing her daily yoga.New York Post
With a herniated disc, scoliosis, and osteoporosis all combined, Anna was in constant and immobilizing pain. She couldn’t visit her kids and grand-kids properly and doing daily tasks for herself became impossible. She couldn’t even walk up and down the stairs – she had to be carried if she wished to go up or down a floor.

Needless to say, her independence and her general demeanor suffered from this lifestyle.

Despite her daily struggles, Anna had hope. She saw countless doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and back specialists to find a source of relief. However, nothing she tried helped her daily pain.

Finally, Anna met scoliosis specialist, Rachel Jesien. Rachel was the person who introduced Anna to the huge life change she needed: yoga.

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise for so many reasons: yoga improves flexibility, decreases stress and depression, improves blood flow and cardiovascular functions, and improves your overall balance and posture. There are poses for just about every ailment in the book and even specific types of yoga to improve specific physical qualities.

In this case, Rachel had yoga experience for people with chronic pain, she even had a specialization in scoliosis and severe back issues. Rachel herself was introduced to back-care yoga when a massage therapist recommended it to her for her OWN back problems. She fell in love with the restorative yoga, and now the student is the teacher!

Props Anna uses for her restorative yoga.New York Post
It seems like Anna’s issues and Rachel’s specialties were a match made in heaven.

Now, there are crazier things than an 85-year-old woman doing yoga, but Anna was almost completely immobilized. Regardless, she tried her hand at the practice. At first, the poses were painful to do, but Rachel slowly took her through the phases of basic yoga therapy.

Eventually, Anna couldn’t get enough of her new exercise regime.

Four months into her training, Anna could do a modified headstand with her back against the wall and her feet parallel to her head in an inverted V-shape. Wow.

It only took a month of yoga therapy for Anna to go from hunched over and in constant chronic pain to standing upright and feeling little to no pain on a daily basis. The change is absolutely extraordinary! Anna’s posture and quality of life were completely transformed thanks this therapeutic yoga; she can now move around her house, do chores, drive on her own, and live independently as she wishes.

Most importantly of all, she can now stand tall and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

If you have chronic pain and you’re searching for a means of relief, consider trying restorative yoga. You can learn about the practice here to see if it might be the right solution for you.

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