No matter what your opinion is on The Elf on the Shelf, it sure moves parents to get creative when their kids are not looking. If you have one or two perched somewhere in your house right now, then you can probably to relate this dad.

Elwood is this Boise, Idaho family’s resident elf, and like most of the others, adds a touch of magic to the holiday season. If you’re familiar with what Elf on the Shelf is, then you know that each one is responsible for spying on kids and reporting their behavior back to Santa’s headquarters.

Each day – or night – they move around, usually making a quick trip back to the North Pole we assume (wouldn’t email be easier?). Sometimes, they just wind up making mischief in the house overnight or just change their vantage points. The children really don’t know and most of the time, the adults do.

In this video, this father encourages his kids to bid Elwood goodnight and proceeds to attach a GoPro camera to the elf so they can find out exactly what type of merriment the little guy gets up to.

Does he go back to the North Pole? The South Pole, maybe? Is he getting bent on spiked egg nog? Or, does he finally take a nap, tired from keeping his eyes open all day?

By the looks of this video, we are still not sure. As the footage rolls, we see Elwood scanning his surroundings from the top of the shelf. Like us, he seems unsure if jumping down is a good idea. Apparently, Elwood is totally built for jumping from high places.

After surviving that leap, he again cases the place and figures out his next move. He scoots across the room and moves into a hallway, eyeing the front door. Will he let someone in? Will he let himself out? It’s a real nail-biting moment as Elwood struggles to reach the door handle.

Feeling somewhat defeated, he adjusts himself (notice the red sleeve in the frame) and retreats back to the room we met him in. With no one in sight, Elwood hatches a new plan. If you haven’t questioned the true nature of the Elf on the Shelf, perhaps this video – and Elwood – will give you some much-needed insight.

You’ll have to watch this all the way to end to find out what happens to Elwood, and we have to wonder, what will the children think when they play back the camera footage?

These elves are known for their sunny dispositions, but a few clicks through YouTube will reveal that many have leanings like Elwood. Some are extreme, some are silly, and some are. . .um. . .inappropriate. They are cute but always up to something.

Enjoy watching this small clip and share what you believe – or know – that your Elf on the Shelf is into when no one is looking.

Are you rooting for or against Elwood in this video? Have you ever caught your family’s elf doing anything on camera? Do you have GoPro footage like this dad?