While we definitely don’t look forward to dying, sometimes it can be fun to daydream about what the afterlife will be like (if you believe in an afterlife). There are so many things that we don’t really understand about the way the world works, and it can be interesting to think that one day, when this life is over, we might finally have all the answers.

Reddit user GratefulShag asked, “If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?”

Some of the answers are humorous. Some of the answers are truly heartfelt. Scroll down to hear how some people would like their afterlife experience to begin.

  1. Are You Tired?

    Reddit user jarghon wrote:

    You must be tired. Come on in.

  2. Want to Go Back?

    Blutroice wrote:

    You done down there or you wanna try again?

  3. A Compliment

    Fookin_ell shared:

    It was tough man but you did alright.

  4. Are You Really?

    After watching “The Good Place,” Reddit user mpress_’s comment would make us nervous:

    You’re in the good place.

  5. Reunited at Last

    Another Reddit user shared:

    Your dogs are so excited to see you!

  6. This Is Sad and Sweet at the Same Time

    stardude900 added:

    Not a word. I just want to hear my wifes’ voice again

  7. An Honest Answer from an Atheist

    kellysouthpaw shared:

    I am a staunch atheist but I would be lying if I didn’t find myself hoping sometimes that I will actually get to see my mom again. She’s been dead for 7 years and I miss her so much.Don’t know if this technically answers this AskReddit or not but I would like to hear god tell me that I could see my mom since she was there, too.

  8. We’re Not Crying. You’re Crying.

    TheGoodJudgeHolden wrote:

    “Welcome! Come meet the son you never got to raise.”

  9. Truly Heartfelt

    BurgerSlayer892 added:

    Heyyyyy!! There he is! Come on over here and give me a hug, buddy. We’ve missed you. Welcome home. Now that you’re here, you’ll never feel lonely again.

  10. Relax

    CobaltXIV wrote:

    It’s ok bud, you’re done now you can relax.

  11. Time to Get Answers

    beyondwhatis shared:

    Your healthy, unbroken body – it’s over there. Jump into it and come back. We’ll saddle up, go for a ride, and I’ll explain everything.

  12. A Worthwhile Life

    badwolf42 shared:

    The world is better than it would have been without you. You made a difference.

  13. The Biblical Answer

    Err_Go wrote:

    Well done good and faithful servant.