Whether written down somewhere or an unofficial list in your head, many of us have items on our bucket list. These may be sites to see, people to visit, adventures to complete, or a combination of all of the above.

If one of the items on your bucket list includes seeing the Northern Lights, you can now do so without freezing your tail off.

I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights in person, but I’m not a fan of cold winter days in the U.S. let alone traveling even further north to stand outside and stare at the night sky.

Now, there’s a resort that can help people like me (people who like to be warm) fulfill this bucket list experience.

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in the Finnish Lapland has a wide variety of accommodation options, but I’m most excited about the Glass Igloos. These igloos are designed specifically so that you can see the Northern Lights without having to get out of bed. There are igloos that sleep 2, and there are igloos that sleep 4. Even when it’s not nighttime, the view of the snow-covered trees is truly spectacular.

If you have a bigger family or want to travel with a few more friends, there are also Kelo-Glass Igloos. These igloos sleep up to 6 people, and they combine the great view of the glass igloos (since the ceiling in the bedroom is made of glass) with the comfort and space of the log cabin-type accommodations. There’s a private sauna, fireplace and kitchenette. I don’t know that I’d ever venture outside during my stay.

If you actually enjoy playing in the snow in negative temperature weather, there are many activities you can enjoy during your visit at the resort. In the winter, there’s everything from skiing and snowboarding to reindeer safaris and ice-fishing safaris.

If you’re bringing the kids, be sure to visit Santa’s house. I thought he lived at the North Pole, but I guess his vacation home is in Finland, which makes sense for a guy who loves reindeer and the snow. His house, which accommodates up to 250 guests, is also available to rent out for events like weddings and corporate product launches.

The glass igloos are only available for rent from August through April, when the aurora borealis is visible from the resort. A one-night stay in a glass igloo starts at $455 per night, which isn’t bad for such an unforgettable experience.

You can see more details about these glass igloos in the video below.


Would you want to stay in one of these glass igloos?