Instead of shelling out money for storage containers, why not think creatively and use what you already have? In the midst of spring cleaning, it may be worth it to save a little money by checking out some frugal storage solutions. Here are some of the ideas that Frugal Village came up with:

  • Baby-Wipes Containers: these containers are sturdy, have sealable lids and are stackable. They are great for storing crafts and office supplies, kitchen/pantry items, greeting cards, receipts, small toys or odds and ends in the garage. You can also use them as health and beauty accessories storage kits.
  • Shoeboxes: these can also be reused and stacked easily. Use these for jar spices, artwork, magazines, DVDs, CDs, cords, bills, school supplies or photos. Shoeboxes are easy to label and can be covered with Contac paper to make them more visually appealing.
  • Egg Cartons: use these to organize smaller items like golf balls, jewelry, baby socks, seeds, rubber bands, loose change, etc. Ice cube trays also work well for storing these same things. Both fit nicely in drawers.
  • Clementine Crates: you can use these for planting and organizing washcloths, books, tools and pantry items. You can also use these as gift containers.
  • Plant Pots: pots are great storage solutions for items that don’t need to be covered. Use these for pens, markers, combs, toothbrushes, hairbrushes or cosmetics.

What are some frugal storage solutions that you’ve come up with?

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