Woman Shares 30-Second Technique for Folding Fitted Sheets

Garnet Hill Video

Curly sheets – as the kids call them in our house – are not that fun to work with. Putting them on a bed is no problem, but folding them is a chore in itself— an extremely frustrating one.

Giving up is easy to do. You crumple those sheets up in a fit of fitted sheet rage and stack them in an obscure corner of your linen closet. You tell yourself that the way they look in the closet doesn’t matter. You ask yourself what the point is in folding them into flat rectangles. They weren’t meant to be flat.

What does matter is that they fit on the bed. And that’s why tutorials on the subject exist. With help from this video from Garnet Hill, you can fold them into neat, creased, almost-package-worthy bundles of fitted joy. Yes, you can!

Ideally, you want to grab your sheets right out of the dryer before they get a chance to wrinkle. Try this method and after a few rounds of practice, you’ll be able to get it done in 30 seconds – all by yourself. It’s all in the technique!

  1. Position It

    Lay one side of the sheet on a flat surface. (If you don’t have a folding table, it’s cool; use your sofa or bed.)

  2. Flip It

    Garnet Hill Video

    Grab the opposite side and flip the curly corners inside out on your hands.

  3. Shake It

    Fold them into the upper corners. Shake the corners out.

  4. Shape It

    Shape the sheet into a square, smoothing it out along the way. Fold it into thirds.

  5. Fold It

    Fold the ends in towards the center. Fold again into a square.

If these written directions are confusing, we get it. Because instructions like these are usually better understood if seen, click on the vid below to watch the 6 steps to fitted sheet mastery. It’s easy to follow along and we promise you’ll catch on after a few tries.

When you get it, it will be one of those moments that deserves celebration, and maybe even an audience. Yeah, after years of your fitted sheets looking like a hot mess, you’ll finally set things right.

By eliminating the sloppy, rolled up balls of bedding in your closet, you can save precious shelf space. Everything will sit evenly in a stack. Preserve more space and organize all your sheets by tucking the fitted and flats inside of their matching pillowcases.

Conquering this one task will make you feel like you can do anything around the house. If you can do this, you can tackle other fun chores like cleaning the fridge, washing the windows, and scrubbing the toilets! Ha!

More importantly, impress your mom and mother-in-law with your fitted sheet prowess. Those disapproving glances will disappear. Break the record for quickest folding time. Or pass this skill down to your kiddos so they can enter adulthood fully in the know about the dreaded curly sheet.


What do you think of this simple folding technique? Are you a fitted sheet roller or master folder?

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