Glitter is something that we’ve had a love hate relationship with since our childhood. It’s certainly pretty and sparkly, but it is also messy. If you or your children have ever done a craft project that involved glitter, you probably know that glitter can be incredibly difficult to clean up afterwards. Even certain clothing items or store bought items that are decorated with glitter can seem to leave a trace of glitter behind wherever they go.

There are many worse things in the world that dealing with glitter, but it’s still not fun to try to remove it. For example, one mother-in-law considered her car ruined after she was unable to remove glitter from it, glitter that her daughter-in-law had rigged to fall all over her. It may sound like the daughter-in-law is to blame in that story, but if you read the details, the mother-in-law had it coming.

Maybe that daughter-in-law should just be thankful that her mother-in-law didn’t have her arrested. In a new story out of Clearwater, Florida, two women have been arrested and charged with a felony for throwing glitter at a man.

Kaitlin O’Donovan, who is 27 years old, and Sarah Franks, who is 29 years old, went to a man’s apartment early in the morning, before 3 am on Monday January 10, 2022. They were standing outside the apartment while the man stood on the fenced balcony of his apartment.

The man and the two women were arguing with each other. Then each woman threw a container of glitter at the man. According to arrest affidavits, the bottles of glitter hit the man on the head and the torso.

After throwing the bottles of glitter, Franks climbed over the fence to the man’s balcony and threw more glitter at the man. Then, she entered his apartment and unlocked the front door so O’Donovan could enter. The women proceeded to throw more bottles of glitter at the man.

Police tracked the vehicle Franks left the man’s apartment in back to her home. According to police, the vehicle had glitter inside and was still warm to the touch when they found it.

Police arrested both Franks and O’Donovan. Both women were charged with felony burglary with assault or battery. In addition, Franks was also charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief. This additional charge is because she kicked a window until it broke when she was leaving the apartment.

We don’t know why the women were arguing with the man or why they decided to show up armed with glitter, but it’s certainly the first time we’ve heard of an arrest where the weapon involved with glitter.