Some days, I love to think back to when I was a kid, cruising around in our family car with my dad at my side. Sometimes he would tell me stories from when he was a boy, but my favorite memories are the ones of he and I singing along to the radio. Here’s a father-son duo who take this pastime to a whole new level. Just watch how the son hits every note without fail!

This viral video starts off with father Matt Clayton and his six-year-old son Archie, tooling around in their car when, suddenly, Matt turns on the radio. The classic big band staple “My Shadow and Me” starts to blare through the sound system.

Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. performing a songThe Sammy Davis Jr. World
It’s obvious that, just by hearing the opening horns, Archie knows what to do next.

The grade schooler starts out by singing Sammy Davis Jr.’s parts, and his father joins in, singing Frank Sinatra’s portions. The ease with which these two dudes crush this timeless song is impressive. I’d wager a bet that they have performed this tune before!

In fact, this is pretty much an everyday activity for the Kent, England natives. Archie’s dad tells Kent Online, “Whenever we are in the car we are always singing along, and Frank Sinatra is Archie’s favorite.”

Eventually, the thought occurred to Matt to share this special clip with the world. He explains, “We are always doing it but this time, I thought I would film it and put it online as a dig at one of my bandmates that my son might be better at singing Sinatra than him!” Well, I don’t want to pick favorites, but Archie really can sing!

In his interview, the musical papa went on to joke that he might just be out of a job if his son were to follow in his crooner-like footsteps. “I hope that Archie might carry on with his singing, just as long as he isn’t a competition for my band!”

So, what does Archie think about he and his dad’s special tradition? Well, the humble kid answers by crediting the chairman of the board himself—Frank Sinatra. “I really like Frank Sinatra. There are no other singers I like as much.”

And, most importantly, what does the little boy think about his ongoing singing competition with his daddy? He says, “I love singing along, but I think my dad is probably a better singer than me.” I wouldn’t be so sure, Archie! It seems that you’re giving your pops a run for his money!

Watch the video below to hear the smooth vocal stylings of the Clayton boys. Be sure to watch until the end—this kid will have you cracking up!

What do you think about Matt and Archie’s performance? What was your favorite activity to do with your dad when you were growing up? Do you have any favorite songs from this musical era? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!