When we head out for a day in the great outdoors, we usually think that if we see any potentially dangerous wild animals, we will keep our distance. For example, we wouldn’t want to try to pet sharks at the beach or deliberately walk right up to a grizzly bear while camping.

Sometimes life surprises you. We’re sure that Trisha Hurt never thought she would deliberately try to get close to a bear, but that’s just what happened on a recent fishing trip.

Tricia, Brian and Brady Hurt decided to go fishing this past Saturday on Marsh-Miller Lake. While they were on their boat, they noticed a bear swimming in the water. You would assume they wouldn’t want to get too close to the bear, but this bear needed their help.

The bear, a baby, had a large cheese ball container trapped on its head. The bear looked scared, and the family knew they need to get that container off of the bear’s head. They did something they thought they would never do.

They circled around the bear, trying not to scare it, but they needed to get close enough to help. Trisha posted a video of the encounter on her Facebook page writing, “Never dreamt we would ever do this in our life time.”

In the video, she sounds concerned for the bear yet still a little nervous about her own family’s safety. At one point, she says, “Just don’t want him crawling in here either once you get it off!”

Watch this brave family’s bear encounter in the video below.

At the end of the video, we see the bear swim away. Trisha shares that the bear successfully swam to shore.

This video is great example of why it is important not to litter and to keep food locked up when out in bear country. It could have been tragic if this family had not been brave enough to free the baby bear.

Many viewers have expressed how impressed and thankful they are that the Hurt family didn’t give up on freeing the trapped bear. One person wrote, “WELL DONE!!! Huge thank you for saving this poor little guy.”

Another comment reads, “WOW!! Thank you so much – what an incredible thing to be able to do!! I live in bear country, so appreciate these beautiful critters and anyone who does anything to help them!”

Have you ever seen a bear or another wild animal in the great outdoors? What would you have done if you had seen a bear trapped like this in the water?