I was looking for an inexpensive desk for my office to replace my board on two saw horses. I found this idea on BHG.com on how to make a desk out of 2 bookshelves and a door and actually make it look like a cohesive piece of furniture.

I went to a salvage yard and picked up an old closet door and a pair of old wooden kitchen cabinets to use instead of the bookshelves. Total cost was $30. And I had some left over paint that I used.

I cut the door down to fit the cabinets and cut it down to length. I took the doors off the cabinets (although I thought about leaving them on to have some closed in storage, but decided to take them off) – and I faced the cupboards in the same direction because the right hand side of the desk would be pushed up against the wall. Took some cheap hard ware brackets and screwed all three pieces into place. now I’ve got a great big desk with lots of storage.

fyi here’s the inspiration photo: link

there are a bunch of other great ideas here. The one I also liked was turning a vertical storage shelf into an entry way bench.If you are looking for some creative and affordable ways to alter furniture this has some good ideas.

Homepage photo credit: bluepics