Turn Easter Eggs into Perfect Springtime Decor

What better way to welcome spring than with Easter decorations? Bunnies, chickadees, and eggs in the colors of the season can brighten up your home. If this is your favorite time of year, then this project could help you ring in the spirit!

When you see those little plastic eggs pop up in stores around the end of February, you probably start thinking about which candies you’ll put inside. Hiding them for your yearly Easter egg hunt just adds to the fun. But this adorable string light idea may have you scooping packs of these eggs up by the dozens!

Planning a backyard party this Easter? These will light up your ambience. Need a cute themed project for your class? This will cover it. Want to outdo your Easter eggs-travaganza from last year? Look no further. Grab the kids, decorate, and get ready to light these up!

Easter Egg String Lights


  • Drill
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Decorative accents like paint, lace, beads, buttons, or ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • LED string lights (your choice of colors)
  • Block of wood


  1. Drill Them

    Using the wood block as a table protector, drill a small hole through the bottom of an egg. Make sure it’s large enough to fit your light bulb snugly. Repeat with all eggs.

  2. Decorate Them

    Decorate the outside of each egg as you like with markers, paint, or glued-on adornments. Be careful not to block the hole you drilled.

  3. String the Lights

    Pop a string light bulb into the holes for each egg.

This may sound funny, but pay attention to the quality of your eggs so you’re not using any that crack easily when drilling. Drill slowly, friends.

Of course, the best way to learn how to do anything is to see it happen! Watch the video to see how these lights come together, then keep reading for more tips.

These pretty lights make a festive addition to kids’ bedrooms, your porch, or your indoor spring décor. Hide them inside of Easter baskets as a bright addition. String them up like Christmas lights and don’t take them down until next year. It’s up to you!

Don’t feel like decorating in advance? Make your own DIY craft kits with these to stuff inside Easter gift baskets this year. Since you can find plastic eggs in various sizes, go crazy with the look. Some crafters love these as plain, unadorned pastels, some love neon-colored eggs, while others like to decorate the shimmery ones you can find at the dollar store.

If you are interested in hanging these up like Christmas lights around your roof or gutter, check the store for outdoor light hooks made for holiday lights. In most cases you’ll find they work perfectly. Once you’re done with these for the season, you can either pack them away as-is or disassemble them.

These lights are a great way to upcycle any eggs you had left over from the previous year, but you can also find other clever Easter projects, like an egg bouquet!

Are you excited about trying this cute DIY project? Do you decorate your home for Easter? Be honest, how many bags of plastic eggs do you collect each year?