How to Dry Your Nail Polish Insanely Fast

Nothing ruins a pretty manicure or pedicure like a smudge. Or three. Fooled by the shininess of its glossy coat, you thought your polish was completely dry, but you learned the hard way it was not.

Short on time because you’re due to head out for a good time, you try to cover it up with another coat. It looks worse. So, you decide to rub it off with polish remover and start the job all over again. After a few quick strokes with the brush, you nod in approval at yourself and then whip out the hair dryer.

Yes! You may still be able to make it out the door on time without your toes or fingernails looking busted.

Many of us are impatient when it comes to waiting on nail polish to dry smoothly, whether it’s at the salon or at home. Air drying is nice, a blow dryer is serviceable, but we’re here to tell you that there are other options.

Follow us as we lay out some tricks that will cut down your drying time and save your nails from looking like a gummy mess.

  1. Ice Bath

    Before you start painting, place 3 to 6 pieces of ice into a small bowl of water. Polish your nails and air dry for one minute, and then dip your nail tips into the cold bath for up to three minutes.

  2. Cooking Spray

    Grab a bottle of Pam or some other cooking spray and hold it 6 to 12 inches away from your hands before spraying. Make sure to coat your wet nails and wait about a minute before checking for dryness. Wipe away excess oil.

  3. Oil Dip

    Pour some olive or sunflower oil into a small dish and sit your nails in it for about five minutes. Lay your hand out on a flat surface to wipe them dry. Allow them to remain unwashed for 1 hour before trying to scrub off any excess oil.

  4. Running Water

    Those who swear by this suggest running your fingertips under the cold tap for about 60 seconds. Just make sure not to bump into anything during the process.

  5. Freezing

    If you’re feeling adventurous, pop your hands into the freezer and let the cold thicken up your polish. When the arctic chill becomes too much or your family looks at you like you’re crazy, remove your hands.

In addition to these DIY tricks, you can also invest in a bottle of good top coat that delivers on its quick-drying promise. Look out for beauty favorites in your local pharmacy or other retailer. When going with the tried-and-true hair dryer option, set it to cool before letting it blow. The cold is what helps the polish to harden.

How do you dry your nails in a hurry? Have you tried any of these tricks before? What will you experiment with and do you think you can handle all this cold?