When you hear the name Dr. Oz, you probably picture the TV personality who was made famous by Oprah. Before he was a household name, Dr. Mehmet Oz was a doctor and a professor. He also comes from a wealthy family and married into another wealthy family. All of this combined means he has the money and resources to fund a political campaign. Dr. Oz is currently a Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate candidate, but he is concerned with more than just politics. He is also in the midst of an inheritance battle.

Dr. Oz, his widowed mother, Suna, and one of his sisters, Seval, who lives in California, all claim that their other sister, Nazlim, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, forged their father’s signature and stole millions of dollars from his account which she moved to Holland, India, and the Cayman Islands. They claim the forgery happened in 2018 while their father, Mustafa, was in an Istanbul hospital sick and dying.

According to Dr. Oz, a handwriting expert in Turkey has confirmed the forgery, and the forgery is being investigated by the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, Nazlim is suing Dr. Oz in New York Supreme Court. In this lawsuit, which dates back to 2020, she claims that her brother failed to pay her $15,000 each month for over three years. She claims the $15,000 a month payments were her share of the rental income for two Upper East Side condos that were owned by their father before his death.

Nazlim has not provided any proof that she was ever paid $15,000 a month for the condo rent. Instead, the rent was paid directly to their father’s bank account, the same bank account that Dr. Oz claims she stole money from.

In a sworn affidavit, Dr. Oz said, “The available evidence strongly suggests (if not proves outright) that Nazlim never received any monthly $15,000 distributions at all.” He continued, “This is also one of many issues deeply intertwined in our family’s ongoing litigation in Turkey, in which it is alleged that Nazlim stole millions of dollars from our father, including rents [from the two Manhattan condos] that had been deposited into our parents’ accounts — the very same rents she now claims I have been depriving her of.”

Dr. Oz wants the condo lawsuit to be put on hold until after the inheritance battle is resolved. Nazlim claims she’s innocent and wants the judge in Manhattan to rule in her favor over the condo dispute.

Watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Oz, his family, and his run for political office.

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