If you’re looking for something fun to do with your family tonight, you might want to consider star-gazing. While looking up at the night sky, finding the moon, and pointing out constellations can be fun any night of the year, sometimes something extra special happens.

Tonight, July 28, 2020, North America will get to see not one but two meteor showers: The southern Delta Aquarids and the Alpha Capricornids.

Meteors are basically space rocks, but to us on earth, they look like shooting stars. Get those wishes ready! Watch the video below for details.


The best meteor shower viewing will be around 1am local time since that is when the moon sets, which means there will be less light in the night sky which in turn makes it easier to see the meteor showers. While this is way past our kids’ bedtimes, we just might let them stay up for such a magical experience. You could see up to 15-20 meteors per hour streak through the sky, and some of them may be bright enough to light up the entire sky for a couple seconds.

While you could make an extra pot of coffee to try to stay up, we also think this could be a fun excuse for a backyard camping expedition with the kiddos. Assemble your s’mores-making supplies now!

It may be possible to view the meteor showers anywhere in North America, but cloud cover will likely be a problem for anyone who lives on the East Coast and the Plains states. According to AccuWeather.com, the best view will be from the interior West, the Great Lakes and the northern Canadian Prairies.

This is the first time since May that there has been a meteor shower, so it’s a pretty special experience. You may not even remember the one in May since cloud cover hid its view from much of North America.

Are you going to stay up late to watch the meteor showers tonight?