Sure, picking your kid up from daycare is great, but have you ever picked your dog up from daycare? It’s truly the purest and precious moments of any dog mom or dad’s day.

It’s not easy to put your pup in doggie daycare. That probably means you’re away at work all day and need someone else to take over watching your pet. Even if the caretaker sends you photos of your dog all day, it’s nothing like getting to be with them. That’s why picking them up can truly be such a heartwarming moment.

Luckily, some of these pup parents were able to capture the look on their dogs’ faces when they picked them up. If you haven’t cried yet today, it’s about to happen.

  1. This Peppy Labradoodle

  2. This Happy Boogie

  3. This Peppy Peanut

  4. This Shaggy Jumper

  5. This Dashing Dachshund

  6. This Spinny Doggo

  7. This Nose-First Beagle

  8. This Jolly Jumper

  9. This Spastic Lunatic

  10. This Mood-Changing Mutt

  11. This Pleasantly-Surprised Pupper

  12. This Squeaky Tyke

  13. This Curious Pooch