I have tried many frozen pizzas over the years and have found the brands that I like and stick to them. When those pizzas are on sale for under $3 a piece (this week a drug store actually is selling them 2/$5) I buy 4 or 5 of the pepperoni ones to keep in freezer and I doctor them up to “supreme”s. I buy small sized canned mushrooms and black olives when they are on sale cheap and stock up, then I buy fresh green peppers and onions when they are on sale if I haven’t grown them that year-and cut them into small diced pieces and store in freezer zip bags. I take out what I need for pizza and put rest back. I remove pepperoni’s from pizza and cut into quarter pieces, sprinkle naked pizza with oregano, garlic powder, then start putting toppings back on. You can get creative with toppings–just keep your basic pizza cheap! It’s cheaper to buy the ones with pepperoni already on them, than buy cheese version for same price as the pepperoni one, and have to buy pepperoni as a topping you doctor pizza up with.

You can doctor up with left over ham, ground beef, broccoli, etc… so it’s a creative fun way to use some leftovers too–and to sneak veggies into the kids if pizza is “fun” for them.