These DIY Soap Dish Sponges Are Perfect for Bathroom and Kitchen Messes!

We just love DIY projects, especially ones that add a touch of organization and cleanliness to our bathrooms and kitchens! Today we’ve got a great hack for all of you clean-freaks out there, courtesy of our genius friends over at Nifty. If you’re a believer in bar soap, but want to ditch those slippery, sudsy countertops, then this tip is definitely for you!

This craft garners particularly helpful results because it doubles as both a sturdy soap dish AND a pre-treated sponge. It’s a seriously cool idea!

The sponge ensures that no slick residue gets left to build up on the sink, and the best part is that you can easily pop the bar out to set it aside while you use the sponge for its primary purpose—to clean your sink or tub!

To make your very own soap dish sponge, follow these super simple steps below:

  1. Grab a large sponge

    Go out and purchase a large sponge. Buying a soft one without a textured side is a must for this project! You should be able to easily find one of these at your local dollar store. Set the sponge down on a leveled surface, then cut it in half using a pair of sharp craft scissors.

  2. Give the sponge some shape

    Take one of the halves and, using your scissors, start shaping the corners so that they come out smooth with identical sides. You can accomplish this shaping process by using small, steady strokes, almost as if you were sculpting clay.

  3. Stencil in a place for your soap

    Grab a bar of your favorite soap, and place it on top of your newly-formed sponge. Trace the bar’s shape using a pen or pencil.

  4. Make your cut!

    Remove the bar of soap from the sponge. You will then need to use a sharp precision knife to properly follow the lines that you had stenciled on in the previous step. Once you’ve made your cut, pop out the smaller sponge piece. If it doesn’t fall out easily, use that pair of craft scissors to help cut it out.

    We like to keep this small bit around for washing cutlery items that have nooks and crannies that are tough to reach with a standard-sized sponge!

  5. Pop in the soap

    This last step is certainly the easiest! Just pop the bar of soap into its new home and place on your sink counter or bathtub organizer.

The soap dish sponge will not only keep your bar of soap secure and in-place, it can also be used to clean your ceramic and tile surfaces. You can even squeeze the wet sponge over the tub to give your bubble bath a little extra mmph! Such a smart hack!

Watch Nifty’s video below to see how they completed this fun DIY project.

What do you think about this unique bathroom and kitchen hack? Have you ever made a soap dish sponge of your own before? If so, were you happy with the end result? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!