The DIY Way to Remove Carpet Stains (No Scrubbing Needed)

There are a ton of methods out there to prevent stains, catch them as soon as they’re made, and clean them up when they’re only hours old. But what about those older stains? You know the ones we mean. The ones that suddenly appear when you rearrange the furniture. The ones in your rental from previous tenants. The ones so old and so deep, you have no idea when they were made or what in the world made them. Is it possible to get rid of them, or do we just have to live with the unsightly spots? Well, thank your lucky cleaning stars— there’s a solution! It comes to us from cleaning maven One Good Thing by Jillee, here demonstrating the simple, smart solution. Watch and learn.

So did you catch that simple-and-smart strategy? All you need to do is mix ammonia and hot water, and spray it on the stain. Spread a clean towel on top and iron the stain away! It might take a few rounds, but when you’re finished, your carpet will look better than new.

What do you think of this method? Have you ever seen anything like it before? What are some of your go-to methods to get difficult stains out of your rugs and carpets?