How to Create Nail Art Stickers with a Plastic Bag

One of the greatest gifts us nail-amateurs can invest in for ourselves are nail art stickers. These lovely stickers make it easy to achieve the Instagram-worthy nail art we crave without embarrassing ourselves and wasting bottles of polish. Well now, those nail art stickers are that much easier and inexpensive with this crafty DIY! You can make your very own nail art stickers at home and customize them to whatever pattern or design you adore. This tutorial shows you how it’s done with this amazing water marble affect! Watch the video below for flawless nails.

While this water marble look is hard to nail (sorry, couldn’t resist) on your naked nail, using stickers prevents a big mess and ensures your look is always lovely!

And you only need a few simple tools to get going on this DIY, most of which you probably have in your home right now…so what are you waiting for?! Perfect nails await you.

– Sandwich bag
– 3 different polish colors
– White polish
– Toothpick or old polish brush
– Cuticle pusher or toothpick

STEP 1: On a sandwich bag, paint three thick stripes of nail polish color, all right next to one another.
STEP 2: Dab on some white nail polish to the streaks of color. Using a toothpick or old polish brush, blend the colors together.
STEP 3: Let dry, preferably overnight just to be safe.
STEP 4: Once dry, carefully roll the dried polish off the bag.
STEP 5: Cut the dried polish into strips, wide enough to cover your whole nail.
STEP 6: Apply a base coat to your nails, then a coat of plain white polish.
STEP 7: While the white polish is still wet, stick on the dried polish sticker and press down so it sticks to your nail.
STEP 8: Using a cuticle pusher (or a toothpick again, just be very careful), press down around the shape of your nail. Once lightly to crease the sticker, and then a second time a little harder to cut the sticker. Peel away the excess polish sticker that you cut away.
STEP 9: Push the rest of the polish under your nail and file it off. Finish with a top coat for protection and beautiful shine!

It’s amazing to think that instead of going to the salon or store to BUY these stickers – or, worse, to pay a nail artist TONS of money to do this design for you – you can make your own for free right in your own home! What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, getting beautiful nails in a snap with this simple DIY.

What do you think of this nail art DIY? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.