One thing I always see at yard sales and at antique stores are bar stools. But as cool as these stools are, they’re pretty useless unless you have a bar, a kitchen island, or some kind of high-top table in your home. But you no longer have to ignore these cool pieces of furniture! With this cool DIY, you can turn an old bar stool into a fashionable end table that can be used in any home – not just the special few with bars. Watch the video below to see how you can accomplish this DIY.

The next time you stumble across a interesting looking bar stool, don’t pass it by! Take that bad boy home and make this amazing piece of DIY furniture that you can use as patio furniture, a bedside table, or an end table.

– Two planks of wood
– A table top
– Wood stain/paint
– Liquid Nails/a drill

STEP 1: Measure the two planks of wood so one can fit on the bottom bars of the stool and one can fit on the top bars of the stool.
STEP 2: Using Liquid Nails (or a regular drill), glue the table top on top of the bar stool.
STEP 3: Stain or paint your new table, decorating any way you’d like.

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