Display Cherished Photos As Gorgeous Glowing Luminaries

Are you always on the lookout for creative ways to display family photos around your home? This idea from Our Best Bites is so beautiful, we had to share it with you. Using glass vases or jars that you already have, you can very easily create these soft, flickering luminaries that will add a warm glow (literally) to any room. Just head to the store and grab some translucent vellum before you begin this project.

  1. Print out your chosen photos using vellum.
  2. Grab some clear glass jars or vases (cylindrical works best, but you can do square as well).
  3. Trim your photos to the proper height of the glass or vase.
  4. Apply double-sided tape to the inside of your glass or vase. Then simply attach your photo to the tape, making sure that the ends of the photo meet up together at the place where the tape is. (For larger containers, you’ll need more than one photo).

  5. If desired, add a piece of washi tape for decoration.

  6. The light going through these during the day will make your photos look beautiful!

    However, if you want to take the next step, just place some tea lights in your glass containers. Light them for a flickering glow through your photos!