A marriage proposal is something that a man often spends a lot of time planning. He has to get the perfect ring. He has to find the perfect time to pop the question. He has to plan out what he’s going to say and how he is going to surprise his (hopefully) bride to be.

Traditionally, one thing that a man does when he knows he has found the woman he wants to marry is he asks his future father-in-law’s permission to marry his daughter. This tradition isn’t always followed, but it is a nice and sweet thing to do when it works out.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Darrell Bevell, the Detroit Lions interim head coach, had not one but two young men ask his permission to marry his daughters. This isn’t a love triangle. He has two daughters who are most likely going to be proposed to in the new future. The problem is that it seems Bevell doesn’t know how to keep a secret.

Usually, a proposal is a surprise, but Bevell epically ruined the surprise for his daughters. During a Zoom media interview, he described in detail how one of his future son-in-laws asked for his permission to marry his daughter – it was in the emergency room while the son-in-law was getting stitches. He called it a “funny story.”

What’s probably not a funny story to the future son-in-laws and to Bevell’s daughter is the fact that dad blew the surprise. It seems that Bevell realized his bunder at the end of the interview when he tried to clarify that the young men have asked for his permission to marry his daughters but they have not actually asked his daughters to marry them yet. Ooops.

Watch the video below to hear Bevell describe his how his daughters’ boyfriends asked his permission to marry his daugters.

Major face palm moment, right? If his daughters’ boyfriends were watching this interview, they were probably willing him to stop talking.

We doubt that there’s any way to hide this interview and the news coverage about it from Bevell’s daughters. They’re probably really going to need to work on pretending they’re surprised, and the young men are really going to have to try extra hard to find a way to propose when it’s least expected. Hopefully not in the emergency room.

How would you react if your future father-in-law told the world you were going to propose to his daughter? If you’re married, how did you propose, or how did your boyfriend at the time pop the question?