Mmm, chicken wings.

Whether your preference is to douse them in buffalo sauce or spread a dry rub over them, we all have to agree: chicken wings are one of the most delicious foods. They make a perfect appetizer, taste delicious dipped in most sauces, and are even easy to make from scratch (though there’s nothing wrong with takeout wings either!).

There’s only one problem with chicken wings: Eating them.

Yes, they’re delicious. But actually eating them can be a real hassle! Not only do they require using a billion and one napkins due to being super messy, do you ever really get to enjoy the whole wing?

Think about it. Because chicken wings are eaten off the bone, you have to strategically eat around it, and even then, you’re left with tons of meat that gets wasted. Plus, that means you have to eat a ton of them to get full, wasting many a chicken wing. There has to be a better way!

Well, thanks to TiKTok user “shrtcts,” we now know of that better way.

It’s called the “pinch, twist, and pull” method—perfectly describing exactly how to debone a wing perfectly (in just a couple of seconds!) and enjoy it to its fullest capacity.

First, pick up your wing (note: this trick only works on the flat kind of wing) and find the end that has the bigger protrusion of bone. Each wing will have a big and small end.

On the bigger end, pull the little piece of cartilage off. Under that, you should see two bones of two different sizes. You’ll want to grab the small, skinny bone, wiggle it, and then twist, pulling it out of the meat clean (which it should do pretty easily given the wing is cooked correctly). Once you’ve pulled that out, grab the bigger bone and twist as well until it releases.

Once all those bones are out, you should have the entire wing in hand, without the bone, ready to dunk into any sauce you’d like, or head straight for your mouth—no meat wasted!

This hack will truly change the way you eat chicken wings. You’ll never eat a wing the same way again!

To see the pinch, twist and pull method in full force, check out the video below.

@shrtctsPinch, twist and pull for maximum chicken wing meat. ##lifehacks ##chickenwings♬ El Baile de los Pajaritos – Lawrence Welk

How do you typically eat wings? Will you try this hack to avoid wasting so much meat? Do you have any other tried and true ways to get all the meat off the bone of your wings?