Dancing with the Stars is a fun, guilty pleasure show to watch. Where else can you see your favorite celebrities and reality stars step out of their element and show what they can do on the dance floor?

No matter who you want to win, one thing is clear, viewers are hesitant to accept change. Tyra Banks is hosting the show this year, which is aired live, and fans have not always been nice about her new role on the show. From comments about her hair and makeup to comments about blunders she has made reading while on air, some fans of the show think she is not the right fit for the show.

Even Banks admits that it has been a rough start. The has tweeted out how hard live TV is, but she’s staying positive and pushing on.

On Monday’s episode of the show, Banks made a blunder that wasn’t even her fault. After she announced which couples were safe from elimination, she had to read which couples were in the bottom two. The problem is that she had already told one the couples in the bottom two that they were safe.

As this is live TV, the show had to scramble to fix the problem and get the correct couples on stage. Although confused, everyone tried to hold it together and smile until the end.

Once again, because of live TV, Banks didn’t have time to explain why this blunder happened, but now, she is going into more detail. Watch the video below to hear a little more about what happened and to hear from the couple that was called back on stage.

Although announcing the wrong couples who were safe from elimination on a reality TV show is a big blunder, we can’t help but think of what was probably the biggest blunder of all time on live TV – when the wrong movie was announced as Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Remember that? Yeah, Banks definitely is not the first one to mess up on live TV.

Have you been watching DWTS? Who do you want to win?