It’s that time of year again where the cute, the creative, and the downright scary show up in the form of Halloween costumes! In some households it’s a family affair, and you can count on seeing everybody – the dog, baby, and grandparents – dressed for the occasion. Babies are especially fun because they are cute little canvases who are oblivious to what is going on, and therefore can’t protest the adorable (or ridiculous) costumes that are about to consume them. For some, this means enduring crazy hair ornaments, while for others this feat entails makeup and props. For us grownups however, it totally means fun! Have a ball scrolling through for laughs or inspiration this Halloween season . . .

  1. Grannies

    Image of babies dressed as old ladies.Princess Pinky Girl via Pinterest

    It doesn’t get better than babies dressed as grannies. Seriously, I think the one in yellow is going to remind me to put on my jacket before going out to trick-or-treat. These cute twins are ready to pass out candy!

  2. Clark Kent

    Clark kent via Pinterest

    Is this crazy adorable or what? This baby Clark Kent is ready to report on Superman’s whereabouts, and maybe steal a smooch from Lois. We’re a little obsessed with the baby Kent glasses and shoes, too!

  3. Hot Dog

    Image of baby in hot dog via Pinterest

    Hot diggity dog! Complete with all the toppings you’d want on a ballpark version, this baby is packaged just right!

  4. The Flintstones

    Fred Wilma via Pinterest

    Fred and Wilma, our favorite prehistoric couple, are striking a pose. Trot off to Bedrock with these miniature classic TV characters, and maybe you’ll run into Barney and Betty too! Check for this costume and other ideas!

  5. Dobby

    Baby in Dobby costumeIncredibleInfant via Pinterest

    Our favorite house elf and best friend for life, Dobby will help protect magic at Hogwarts and at home!

  6. Fionna

    Image of baby in Fiona costumeSpirit Halloween via Pinterest

    What time is it? Time for Fionna from Adventure Time. Help her find Cake, Finn, and Jake this Halloween season before the Candy Kingdom runs out of candy.

  7. Octopus

    Baby in octopus via Pinterest

    What’s cuter than a purple octopus? A baby purple octopus! Wrap your tentacles around this adorable octopus costume.

  8. Lucy

    Lucy costumePinterest

    Do you love Lucy? We definitely do in this costume that’s complete with polka dot earrings and red hair! This little lady looks like she might have some ‘splainin to do!

  9. Elephant

    Elephant costumePinterest

    No one can resist baby animals, and you’ll want to carry this elephant everywhere with you! We’re sure this cutie pie will get a trunk full of treats for Halloween.

  10. Biker Dude

    Biker costumePinterest

    We can’t get enough of this cuteness and don’t know where to start. The endearing “Mom” tattoo lets us know who he’s taking out trick-or-treating this year. Do you think we should hitch a ride or should we ask him for directions to the candy jackpot?

  11. Spartan Soldier

    Baby in spartan via Pinterest

    This. Is. Spartaaaaaa! King Leonidas would be proud to see one of his own posing for this photo! Enjoy a glimpse of a Spartan soldier in action.