Just because someone is your boss at work doesn’t mean that person is thoughtful or considerate. In fact, some bosses are really bad at thinking before speaking to their employees.

Reddit user BayAreaDreamer asked, “What is the most insulting thing a boss has ever said to you?” The Reddit community did not disappoint with very cringe-worthy things their bosses actually said to them.

Scroll down to read some not so nice things bosses have really said to their employees. Hopefully you haven’t had any cringe-worthy experiences like this. These examples might just make you thankful for your own boss.

  1. Miscarriage

    Reddit user pablo_284 wrote:

    My girlfriend had a miscarriage last year at 6 months, she stayed at home after that for two weeks because she wasn’t feeling good. When she came back her boss told her to man up a little, that it isn’t a reason to stay at home…

  2. At Lunch

    Written by guttertrash_fire:

    I was sitting at a table in the dining area and all but one person at that table were women. It’s the first time I’d ever had the opportunity to sit at a table full of women and I was very excited to not be a token for once.Boss walked by, shaking his head, “bunch of clucking hens”

  3. Too Personal

    Shared by middayfirework:

    In 2004 or 5 a boss asked me if my partner and I had had sex the night before and what were are most frequently chosen sex positions. It was out of nowhere and in front of three other employees.

  4. At a PR Company

    Back when I was interning for a PR company, one of my male supervisors told me to forward some contracts to a magazine we were working with. I did as I was told, only to be yelled at by my boss for doing it. He then calmed himself down and said ”women can’t think rationally anyway, I overreacted”. My supervisor pretended like he had nothing to do with it.

  5. Tattoos

    Shared by she-huulk:

    “If I’d known you had tattoos, I probably wouldn’t have hired you”

  6. Replaceable

    Reddit user joedrums8a wrote:

    “You have no idea how replaceable you are.”

  7. Unwanted Fashion Advice

    Added by lost-midwesterner:

    I had a boss who decided, in front of everyone in the office, to give me “fashion advice”. She said that I had great legs and that if I wore shorter skirts with heels, I would get more people asking for my classes. She also said that I should wear make-up daily, because although I looked good without it, it made me more desirable. Being desirable was more important to getting clients than teaching classes well.

  8. This Isn’t Something You Should Get Used To

    zkittles21 shared:

    “Since you’re good at your job you’re just going to have to get used to people using you. Stop being stressed out when people put too much on your plate.” the supervisor that told me this then proceeded to have a break down the next week crying to her higher up saying she’s tired of everyone using her and needing her so she needs time off.

  9. Tips

    UniversalCrown wrote:

    I used to work as a barista and my boss literally said to me, “no wonder you get more tips, you’ve got the body for it” and then looked at my boobs. I felt really gross the rest of the day. It made me super self-conscious about the t-shirts I wear.

  10. In Your Dreams

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    My female coworker and I were prepping before the lunch shift at a restaurant. Male GM walks over and says, “You know, I had a dream about you two last night,” pauses, reconsidering something, “No, I probably shouldn’t tell you about it,” smiles to himself, and walks away. We were so appalled and disgusted we just stood there, too stunned to say anything.

  11. Pregnant

    Written by LJ1205E:

    I was 8 months pregnant and I walked into the office and my boss said, “wow! I can’t tell if you’re coming or going.” Meaning I was so round all the way around. I just found it very offensive and insulting.

  12. Salary

    Another example shared by twizzlersontoast:

    I’m giving you the job, but I’m giving this other person who I’ve worked with for many years your job’s title on paper so she can get the higher salary.

  13. Bad Timing

    Meteorcousin wrote:

    “You’re fired” after I came back from a four day hospital stay.

  14. Time Off

    Added by gingerhm:

    You needing to take time off to help your dad after his heart attack is really messing with our schedule, are you sure you can’t work more?

  15. Performance Review

    Shared by albino_oompa_loompa:

    “I have no idea what you do and I don’t care to find out. Here’s your performance review!”