Unfortunately, cat calling is pretty common. But beyond just the winks and snide remarks, it turns out that women have actually had some pretty creepy things said to them in public too. In a recent Reddit thread, women sounded off on the weirdest things they’ve ever been told by a man. Warning: They really are pretty creepy!

  1. “I Could Kidnap You.”

    “I was in Paris at a Christmas market and a guy came up to me and told me I was very beautiful. Before I could say anything back, he said, “You know, I’ve been following you for awhile and saw your friends walk away from you. I could kidnap you so quick, they would never see you again.” Then he laughs, and my friend, who was only like eight feet away and heard this exchange, pulls my arm and we start fast-walking away. We cut down so many alleys, popped in and out of shops, and got on different trains since it was nearly impossible to know if he was still following us.”

  2. “Nice Teeth.”

    “’You have all your teeth. I like that.’ I was waiting for the bus.”

  3. “You Can Borrow My Pen, But…”

    “I worked at a truck stop and needed a driver to sign something, but didn’t have a pen. He was a super gross old fat guy, missing quite a bit of teeth. He said that I could borrow his pen, but then I’d have to get in his truck with him. He was going to lock the doors and I wasn’t allowed to get out. I recoiled in horror as he gave me the most disturbing smile.”

  4. “Why Don’t You Try On That Skirt?”

    “I was 14, out shopping at an Aeropostale when these two dudes approached me. They had to be in their mid to late twenties. They followed me around the store and kept asking me to try on the mini skirt I had picked out, asked me where I lived, my name, and just generally kept following and harassing me. I was super freaked out, hoping that my mom and brother would come back to the store soon to get me out of there.”

  5. “I Love Bad Girls.”

    “When I was 13, a guy grabbed me by the wrist and he said “Wanna come with me so I can show you something? I love bad girls like you.” I was so stupid that I was still worried about being rude and apologized to him for saying no but when he tried to fully grab my arm I just ran.”

  6. “You MUST…”

    “Not so much what was said at first, but the insistence (and continuing to walk with me on my route for like 20 minutes) that I must save his email address. Words alone are creepy on occasion, but it’s the absolute worst when there’s an element of being trapped.”

  7. “JELL-O, Anyone?”

    “A homeless guy once told me he wanted to throw me in a bathtub full of Jell-O and make love to me.”

  8. “Merry Christmas, Baby.”

    “Merry Christmas, baby” while grabbing my ass in Times Square. It was the summer.”

  9. “Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?”

    “I had rainbow colored hair as a teenager. One time at work a 60+ year old customer said to me, ’Does the carpet match the drapes? Never mind, you probably don’t have any down there.’ I’ve never been so uncomfortable.”

  10. “I Like the Way You Walk.”

    “Was walking with my friend and a random dude said to her, “hey cutie, I like the way you walk”. When we ignored him he said, ‘I see how it is.’ We’re high school kids, barely 5ft tall. He followed us for two blocks before we made it to a crowded crosswalk.”

  11. “How Does it Work With You?”

    “This was a guy who had found my Facebook in about half a second (I have no idea how, people I want to give it to can’t find it without my help): “so uh how does sex work for you? Does it hurt you? How do you do it?” He’d found out I was disabled and decided this was an excellent and appropriate conversation piece.”

  12. “If You Were Just a Little Thinner…”

    “II had a guy say, ‘if you just lost a little weight, you could be a model’ and asked me what I ate in a day and if I’d go to the gym with him.”

  13. “You Don’t Get a View Like that Every Day!”

    “I was 10 and bending down to get something off a lower shelf at the grocery store. I was wearing a new lower cut shirt but forgot to wear my training bra that day.”

Has a man ever said something this creepy to you in public?