No matter how well-decorated your home is, there will always be parts of a previously owned house that you can’t stand. Lighting fixtures, storing areas, laundry baskets, or even appliances can be less-than-attractive, especially when you’ve been working hard to cultivate an aesthetic in your home. But, happily, there is always a way to hide the less desirable aspects of your house! Use these 25 genius tricks to hide all the eye sores you detest throughout your entire home.

  1. Fake Rocks

    Fake RocksPlow Hearth

    Outdoor pipes ruining your beautifully cultivated garden? Hide these eye sores outside of the home using fake rocks! Easy to purchase on Amazon, these rocks will blend into your garden effortlessly.

  2. Light Switch Gallery

    Light Switch CamoOur Fifth House

    Sometimes the best way to hide an eye sore is right in plain sight. Disguise an obnoxious light switch within a gallery wall by hanging a variety of pictures around it! It will blend in so perfectly even you’ll forget it’s there.

  3. Hidden Jewelry

    Hidden JewelryDIY Enthusiasts

    Love your jewels so much you want to keep them low key? We don’t blame you; jewelry out in the open can not only be dangerous, but it can look a bit cluttered. Stashing your favorite pieces of bling in this secret hallowed-out painting is an unexpected way to keep clutter to a minimum.

  4. Toaster Drawer

    Toaster DrawerBetter Homes and Gardens

    Appliances can be some of the most notorious eye sores of all, but there’s a way to hide even them! Toasters, for instance, can be easily stashed in a pull-out drawer. To get the perfect drawer for your toaster, you may need to make your own toaster drawer. You can even have one installed, if you’re not up to the DIY.

  5. Kids’ Car Garage

    Kids Car GarageThe Whoot

    Your Chevy isn’t the only automobile that needs a place to stay – your kids cars need a roof over their heads, too! For your tykes’ little toy cars, create a makeshift garage in the playroom or living room. This won’t just keep the toys organized, but it will allow you to keep these bright, plastic eye sores out of sight when need be.

  6. Television Closet

    TV ClosetApartment Therapy

    For some people, a flat screen TV is an impressive thing that you want to tout proudly on your wall. For others…not so much. If you’d like to make your TV miraculously disappear, try this stylish sliding closet to turn your entertainment system into wall decor in a snap.

  7. Outdoor AC Lattice

    Hide your outdoor AC unit with a lattice.Canadian Gardening

    AC units can be so bulky and ugly, especially when they’re outside ruining your garden. To make your AC unit blend right in, put up some easy lattice walls around the unfortunate eye sore.

  8. Hidden Fuse Box

    Hide fuse box behind wall art.Ebay

    This one might require a little DIY flare. Fuse boxes are something your house needs to function, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy on the eyes. Hide that necessary evil behind a swinging piece of art or mirror, and no one has to know.

  9. Covert Charging Station

    Charging StationHouzz

    Nothing can ruin decor like the many charging wires you need for your dozens of devices. The best way to keep the wires hidden (and to prevent them from getting lost and tangled) is to create an undercover charging station, in a drawer, where all your wires can converge without anyone seeing.

  10. Laundry Basket Drawer

    Hidden Laundry BasketsMeg & and the Martin Men

    Few things look as tacky as plastic laundry baskets hanging around your home. Whether it’s in your laundry room or your living room, dedicate a drawer in your laundry baskets so they can stay out of sight.

  11. Doggie Drawer

    Pet Feeding DrawerFreshome

    You’ve heard of a doggie bag, but what about a doggie drawer? Our four legged friends need their water and food bowls, but our kitchen decor certainly does not. Stash your pooches’ bowls inside the bottom drawer of a hatch or dresser, so that way the dog can still enjoy dinner…just in a more secretive way.

  12. AC Unit Curtain

    AC Unit CurtainRefinery29

    When it comes to summer, few things are as obnoxious and unsightly as window AC units. Not only are they difficult to install, but they look just horrific in your window. An easy fix? Cover your unit with a half-window curtain for a classy cover-up.

  13. Hidden Printer Drawer

    Hidden PrinterPB&J Stories

    Another appliance that can be a decor buzzkill is your old school printer. A quick way to keep this hidden is by keeping a drawer clear in your home office, that way you can store your printer and all its wires when you’re expecting company.

  14. Covered Thermostat

    Hide ThermostatBliss Bloom Blog

    Like your fuse box, this essential eye sore can be easily covered! You don’t even have to install a swinging painting or mirror – simply hang a piece of art over it and call it a day,

  15. Air Vent Cover

    Wall VentDebbie Doo's

    Some fixtures cannot be taken out of a house, like an air vent, for instance. Nine times out of ten, these immovable fixtures are not the most pleasant to look at…like an air vent, for instance. A quick way to hide this particular eye sore is to nail a decorative rug onto the wall, right over the vent. This won’t make the vent disappear, but it will dress it up very well.

  16. Decorated Washer and Dryer

    Decorated Washer and DryerA Beautiful Mess

    It’s hard to make something as large as your washer and dryer disappear from sight, so bring them into the forefront instead! Decorate your appliances with simple, colored tape, giving them fun stripes or polka dot patterns to really jazz them up.

  17. Decorative Router Box

    Router WiresSweet Sanity

    Like your chargers, your internet comes with many wires. Mainly from your router box. If you can’t live without internet, the only way to hide this eye sore is to stash the router and all its wires inside a lovely decorative box.

  18. Kitty Litter Closet

    Hidden Kitty LitterPardini Hall Architecture

    One of the worst eye sores of all: the kitty litter box. Not only does this LOOK unpleasant, but it SMELLS equally as awful. Keep your kitty’s private area stashed in closet when company comes over, so they won’t be subject to the sights or the smells we detest.

  19. Paper Towel Crown Molding

    Tricks to hide eye sores.BuzzFeed

Want to dress up your plain old roll of paper towels? All you need to do is cover your roll with some classy crown molding! You can still pull out the paper towels easily, and you can even dress up the top of the molding with candles, pictures, and more.


What do you think of these tricks to hide the ugliest aspects of your home? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.