An ice cream scoop doesn’t have to just be reserved for times when you want to enjoy a frozen treat. Make your scoop more versatile by trying out some of these creative ideas:

Perfect Pancakes

Using an ice cream scoop for this job will help you make pancakes of the same size with less mess. Here’s what Margery, Frugal Village reader from Canada, does:

I put my ice cream scoop (a spring-loaded model) to good use for faster pancakes and muffins in the morning. I spray the muffin tins with Pam cooking spray and then, using the scoop, I portion out a drip-free glob of muffin batter, perfectly sized for a standard muffin cup. I have also been using it to make the most perfectly proportioned little circles of buttermilk pancakes. There are no drips, and everything is measured precisely so the pancakes don’t run over the edge of my electric nonstick griddle; nor do they run into one another and become distorted. I use my small mini-scoop for meatballs, too.

Hamburger Patties

Make patties out of your ground meat by scooping portions onto wax paper-lined cookie sheets or cutting boards. Flatten these and top with more wax paper. Then after you freeze these, you can transfer them to a jumbo freezer bags for use whenever you get the hankering for a burger.

Stuff It

An ice cream scoop is the perfect tool for scooping ingredients into stuffed peppers. Use this method for any kind of food that needs stuffing – for example, how about stuffing your turkey this Thanksgiving?

Removing Seeds

With fall fast approaching, an ice cream scoop could be particularly helpful. Use the scoop to clean out a pumpkin or scrape out veggies like butternut squash or green bell peppers.

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