Getting married is a big deal. Not only is the happy couple celebrating their love for each other, but they are going to remember this day and this celebration for the rest of their lives.

A lot of planning goes into a wedding. There’s the venue, the invitations, where to have everyone sit, the food, the cake, the list seems pretty endless and can be very expensive and overwhelming. 

Choosing a wedding dress is one decision that a bride usually takes very seriously. She may go from dress shop to dress shop with her bridesmaids trying on dresses looking for the perfect one. When she finds it, it can be an emotional moment because she truly feels like a bride.

While some people go on strict diets to fit into a gorgeous wedding dress they most likely will never be able to squeeze into again after their big day, other people are lucky enough to maintain their slim frame even decades later.

Marvin and Lucille recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, and they celebrated by having professional photos taken. While the photos capture the couple’s love for each other, they are also amazing in another way.

Katie Autry Photography

In these 60th anniversary photos, Marvin and Lucille are wearing the same clothes they wore when they got married! That’s right, the same tuxedo and the same wedding dress! Not only is it impressive that they can still fit into these clothes, but we’re also blown away at how new they look.

Katie Autry Photography

Lucille didn’t go from store to store looking for her wedding dress. She actually made her dress by hand! Talk about special! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

The happy couple’s photographer, Katie Autry Photography, shared the gorgeous photos on Facebook along with tips the couple shared about how to have a lasting marriage.

When I asked them both what their secret to a lasting marriage was they had the following advice.

1. Work hard

2. Be kind to one another

3. Think before you speak

4. Rely on each others strengths to overcome your weakness

5. Stay strong in your faith

We love these amazing photos and the couple’s words of wisdom. They are seriously marriage (and weight) goals!