CorningWare Brings Back Iconic Blue Cornflower Pattern for 60th Anniversary

If you’re over 40 you probably remember seeing casserole dishes with CorningWare’s iconic blue cornflower pattern in your Mother’s or Grandmother’s pantry. For its 60th anniversary, CorningWare is bringing back its classic blue cornflower pattern. These dishes were everywhere in the the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Even better news is that the pieces are affordable starting at $7.99 for 20 oz baking dishes. Here’s the opportunity to bring a little nostalgia back to your pantry.

Here’s a few pieces from CorningWare’s 60th Anniversary Collection:

Can’t wait to show these to Mom. Going to buy her a set of casserole dishes like the ones she had in the seventies. Did you have these dishes in your pantry?