Everyone remembers the teachers they absolutely, positively loathed in school. You know, the ones that would give you a pop quiz right after winter break or wouldn’t let you bring sugary treats to your holiday party? Those were the worst, right? Yes, yes, they were.

On the other side of the coin were the ultra-cool teachers. The ones that would let you out every day five minutes before the bell rang and wouldn’t stress if you had to turn in your homework late every once in a while. To honor those heroic–and super fun!– educators, we’ve scoured the Internet to find photos that perfectly embody their spirits. Here are 15 of the coolest teachers we’ve ever seen…

  1. The teacher with the next level Halloween costume

    Something tells us this teacher’s class is a tough one to pass!

  2. The teacher who follows the latest dance trends

    Only the coolest of teachers would allow her students to dab in front of the chalkboard. That’s one happy class of kiddos!

  3. The teacher with the “sharpest” taste in headwear

    This teacher may fancy herself a fierce predator, but she clearly has quite the sense of humor.

  4. The teacher who started a dance battle with her students

    We’re not one to promote social media “brag” posts, but this teacher sure does deserve to pat herself on the back for connecting with her pupils. Schoolhouse dance battle for the win!

  5. The teacher who knows it all

    Now, this is a teacher who really knows how to stand by— or in front of— his statement!

  6. The teacher who puts the “cool” in “school picture”

    Sunglasses? Check! Smile? Check! Double thumbs up? Check! This cool teacher is giving the Fonz a run for his money.

  7. The “cat lady” teacher

    Apparently, this teacher happened upon a stray kitten before the class period started. That’s one way to make a boring class interesting!

  8. The teacher who gives praise to the sleepy

    We all dozed off in class at one time or another, but did your teacher see your “zzzs” as a photo-op? We think not!

  9. The teacher who DOESN’T give praise to the sleepy

    In case you can’t make heads or tails of the picture, this is a teacher who is tying a sleeping student’s shoelaces together. That’ll teach the snoozer!

  10. The teacher who takes Pi Day very seriously

    This math teacher found quite the creative way to celebrate Pi Day. We wonder how long he rocked that unusual facial hair…

  11. The teacher with the discriminating taste in fonts

    Something tells us this teacher has received one too many essays written in the ever-annoying Comic Sans font…

  12. The teacher who writes encouraging messages on her students’ desks before test time

    The best part? Every desk is customized to adhere to each student’s own learning style. This teacher sure does deserve a gold star!

  13. The teacher who kills bugs with FIRE

    Not exactly the safest way to kill a wasp, but it sure is ONE way.

  14. The teacher who opted for the “Civil War look” for his yearbook photo

    That’s a history teacher if we ever saw one…

  15. The teacher who shows his Christmas spirit through algebra

    It’s not every day that you see something interesting on a math teacher’s whiteboard.

We wish we were back in school just so that we could be schooled by these cool teachers! What’s your take on these photos? Which one is your favorite? Do you think any of these teachers went too far? Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school?