Have you ever wanted a pool, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment? A pool not only comes with a big price tag, but it takes up a huge amount of your yard space. But this man has built the most brilliant swimming pool I have ever seen. With the push of the button this swimming pool goes from a patio to a wading pool, to a kiddie pool, to an adult pool. It’s amazing what clever people create every day! If you’ve been struggling with what to do with your backyard space – a spacious patio for entertaining or a pool for summertime fun? – a creative invention like this is the perfect compromise!

The video opens with a shot of what looks like a circular patio in the middle of a backyard. Then water starts bubbling and the patio area lowers to reveal the pool it was meant to become! And as the video plays on, you get to see a pool that can be set at different heights, allowing for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the pool at various times. And at the end, we see the patio come to life with a fire in the middle and people sitting around enjoying it.

This really is the perfect compromise of space! And neither option is too shabby, either. Whether you’re going for pool or patio, you and your guests win!

The splash pool, perfect for little kids, ranges from 0″ – 12″. The next level, the paddling pool, ranges from 12″ – 36″. And, the final level, is the full pool (or the “Big Kid Pool”), which ranges from 50″ – 72″. With this variety of levels, this is the perfect outdoor setup for all ages, whether you have young kids, teens, or it’s just adults you’re hosting. Anyone can enjoy both this patio or pool!

It’s also good to consider this option if you live in an area where it’s not swimming weather all year round. If you live in the Midwest or on East Coast, you’ll truthfully only be using your pool four or five months out of the year, at most. This makes for a great temporary layout if your pool isn’t a year-round thing; you won’t feel like you’ve wasted space in your backyard when there’s feet of space that have to covered and tucked away most of the year. And when the pool goes away, you have a trendy patio space that can be used for year-round parties.

Plus, we have to admit, the way this pool is revealed is just too cool to pass up. The center of the pool lowers and water begins to bubble and overflow, filling the empty space in a very 007 way. Theme music not required, but encouraged.

While not confirmed, we believe that the name of the company that is featured in this video is Invisipools (please let us know if we are incorrect — the Better Business Bureau links to www.hiddenwaterpools.com, which redirects to Invisipools.com).

Would you love to have a pool like this? Tell us in the comments below!