There are few things in the world greater than cookie dough. Because while cookies themselves are all well and good, let’s be honest with ourselves, we all know that we would way rather eat the raw dough instead. But there are those times when plain old cookie dough just isn’t enough. Sometimes we just need to take it a step too far to really enjoy everything cookie dough has to offer. So, in honor of those occasions, here are 20 recipes when cookie dough just went above and beyond. Feeling a little lazy for these cookie creations? No worries, all of these desserts are made with pre-made, refrigerated cookie dough. You just ran out of excuses.


  1. Cookie Dough Cake

    Cookie Dough Cake 2Eat. Drink. Love.

    Have your cookie dough cake and eat it too with this unreal recipe. It’s not just a layer of cookie dough in between moist chocolate cake, no way. It’s also got cookie dough FROSTING. Step back.

  2. Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

    Cookie Dough Egg Rolls 2Seeded at the Table

    Regular egg rolls? Greasy and delicious. Cookie dough egg rolls? I could very well eat these for the rest of my life with zero complaints.

  3. Cookie Dough Whoopie Pies

    Whoopie Pies 2Heat Oven to 350

    Torn between which you love most, cookies or brownies? Stop making yourself choose! Have both instead. These whoopie pies have a cookie dough filling that is sandwiched by two soft brownies. For the baker who wants it all.

  4. Cookie Dough S’mores

    Cookie Dough Smores 2Inside BruCrew Life

    How can s’mores get better? Cookie dough, of course. This no-bake recipe is a regular s’more with a layer of cookie dough dipped in chocolate. Enjoy this mind blowing creation year round.

  5. Inception Cookies

    Inception Cookies EditedBakerella

    It’s a cookie within a cookie…so naturally it’s an Inception Cookie. Double the cookie, double the tears of joy.

  6. Cookie Dough Cup

    Cookie Dough Cup 2How Sweet Eats

    Peanut butter cups are very 2015. Welcome to the future. Make these sweet cookie dough cups at home and never look back.

  7. Cookie Dough Pizza

    Cookie Dough PizzaGirl Versus Dough

    Dessert pizza at it’s finest. A cookies and cream topping on a cookie dough crust. This puts regular pizza to shame.

  8. Cookie Dough Snickers Bar

    Cookie Dough Snickers BarsHalf Baked Harvest

    More appropriately they’re pretzel, chocolate chip, cookie dough, and Snickers bars. Who says you can’t have too much of a good thing? Or too much of multiple good things.

  9. Cookie Dough Butter

    Cookie Dough ButterGirl Gone Country

    Now you can spread cookie dough on WHATEVER YOU WANT. Spread it on bread, on fruit, even on other cookies. Yaaas.

  10. Cookie Dough Waffles

    Cookie Dough WafflesDine and Dish

    Who says you can’t have cookie dough for breakfast? Put some cookie dough in your waffle iron and enjoy cookie goodness in waffle form, a.k.a. the best form.

  11. Cookie Dough Blizzard

    Cookie Dough BlizzardMinimalist Baker

    The best ice cream shakes involve cookie dough. Make your very own cookie dough Blizzard at home and enjoy this frosty treat with an extra dose of deliciousness. What a perfect summer treat!

  12. Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting

    Cookie Dough FrostingChef in Training

    Regular baked goods are good and everything but you’re depriving them of greatness if you’re not frosting them with this rich cream cheese cookie dough frosting.

  13. Cookie Dough Dip

    Cookie Dough Dip EditedBuzzFeed Blue

    French onion, ranch, buffalo chicken, cookie dough…all dips. ALL OF THEM. That’s right, cookie dough is now a dip, perfect for dunking Nilla Wafers and animal crackers for a fun, unique dessert or appetizer.

  14. Mint Cookie Dough Dip

    Mint Cookie Dough DipThe Slow Roasted Italian

    Like it minty? You can make mint cookie dough dip, too! A fun color for spring, this dip has a cool mint zing to it and all the indulgence of cookie dough.

  15. Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

    Cookie Dough Ice CreamMel's Kitchen Cafe

    Enjoy your ice cream sandwiches raw with these cookie dough squares. For a little more of the good stuff, opt for cookie dough ice cream as your center. You won’t regret it.

  16. Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars

    Cookie Dough CheesecakeTwo Peas and Their Pod

    Wait…so it’s cheesecake, in bar form, with a chocolate crust and swirls of cookie dough? Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, conclusive evidence that everything is better in bar form.

  17. Cookie Dough Truffles

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites5 Dollar Dinners

    Truffles are essentially anything moist and delicious, so cookie dough definitely qualifies. These chocolate-covered cookie dough balls are simple to make, great party favors, and taste as amazing as you are imagining right now.

  18. Cookie Dough Pretzels

    Cookie Dough PretzelsSally's Baking Addiction

    The ultimate combination of salty and sweet. A pretzel sandwich around cookie dough then dipped in chocolate. I think I’m in heaven.

  19. Cookie Dough Oreo

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough OreosYoyomax12

    Essentially Inception Cookies inside out. Take out the traditional cream from your Oreo and replace it with a nice layer of cookie dough. Then dip it in chocolate and sprinkle for good measure.

  20. Cookie Dough French Silk Pies

    French Silk PiesWell Plated

    Cookie dough can be fancy, too! These decadent mini French silk pies look and taste amazing AND have a pre-made cookie dough crust. That’s very little work for a whole lot of yum.


Do you know any cookie dough recipes that you love? Please share them in the comments section below. Please.