Ever get completely turned off by someone doing something that most people actually do? Yeah—it’s because there are some all too common traits that can be portrayed as extremely unattractive.

Not sure what we mean? This Reddit thread covers it. Here are some of the best responses to common things that are huge turn-offs:

  1. Open Mouth Chewing

    “It drives me crazy. Or just in general making that awful smacking sound when you eat. I would rather die alone than have to listen to that at every meal.”

  2. Being Rude to Wait Staff

    “It shows an utter lack of understanding/empathy to others, not caring that the staff are other people. It’s often associated with the person thinking they’re better than others… It’s a complete turnoff for me, and would refuse to date someone like this.”

  3. Littering

    “I went to grab food with a roommate. On our way back, he threw some garbage out the window so I told him that if he does that again I’ll drive back and make him pick it up or he can walk the rest of the way back. Needless to say I was considered to be ‘that guy’ when it came to littering. Crazy how littering is so normal for some people, that when you confront them about it you’re considered to be a weirdo.”

  4. Always Being On the Phone

    “This annoys me so much, I want to talk to someone while looking at them. When they are constantly on their phone it makes me feel like I am talking to myself and its awkward.”

  5. Toxic/Jealous Behavior

    “No, I do not want to sleep with the Barista because they asked my name for my order. Yes, I was told to treat as I wanted to be treated as a child so I Will be polite and smile to others from Time to Time, this does not mean I want to shag every human being I interact with.”

  6. Talking Too Much

    “Not having a give and take in the conversation.”

  7. Never Admitting When They’re Wrong

    “The inability to admit they are wrong or when they apologize and then justify their actions.”

  8. Social Media Obsessions

    “People being obsessed with their social media presence.”

  9. Looking at Differences As Superior

    “When they think that their taste in music makes them a superior person instead of just having different tastes.”

  10. Toxic Positivity

    “I need to be able to feel bad for a moment when I am dealing with something crappy. It helps me get through it. I dislike people pleasers too, be kind but don’t be a doormat.”

  11. Fake Tans

    “Like the ones where they look orange. I’ve seen both men and women walking around like they are hot shit looking like an Oompa Loompa.”

What’s one normal behavior that drives you absolutely insane?