If you’re sick of shoveling (and if you you live in New England, we know you are), then you might want to try this clever snow “shoveling” hack from Joshua Jordan of West Virginia. If you can make a snowman, then you too can use this method of clearing show from walkways and driveways.

The days of breaking your back over a snow shovel are long gone with this hack. Rather than straining yourself scooping, lifting, and throwing over 50 lbs. of snow, you can roll the snow away. All you need to do is start with one little snowball.


Well, you have to watch the video below to see this hack in action, but we’ll give you an idea. Similarly to the way you make various sizes for the body of your jolly snowman, you put a little snowball onto the snow and roll it. The snow accumulates and eventually becomes a much larger snowball.

But rather than making this snowball a particular size for a snowman, keep on going! The snow on your yard or driveway will keep getting picked up, leaving in its wake a path of totally clear grass or asphalt.

Do this in lines to get a totally clear walkway without even breaking a sweat. Did this just revolutionize your winter? Because as a New Englander who dreads this back-breaking chore, this may have just changed my life.

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