When we’re staring down the dark winter months, we know we can count on some beautiful things to get us through the dreariness: loved ones, holidays, music, and light. Our holiday decorations definitely reflect those last two, and the DIY that we are featuring today, a Christmas music candle created by ArtSea Gallery and Goods, brings the two together in a beautiful, unique, and ultra-sophisticated manner.

Now, if you’re a longtime reader, then you know that we, at TipHero, much prefer crafting our own holiday decorations to going the storebought route. Not only does this habit save us a lot of dough during those ultra-expensive holiday shopping months, but it has also let us show off our creative side.

And, not to forget, folks ALWAYS cherish gifts that are made more than ones that are purchased. You’ve never heard of anyone trying to return a homemade gift, have you?

It’s because of all of the powerful reasons listed above that we are sharing with you one of our all-time favorite holiday DIYs–the Christmas music candle. Here are the materials that you will need to complete this project on your own:

  • Scissors (no special shears needed here–just the standard stationery variety!)
  • White classic pillar candle (large)
  • Sheet music from your favorite holiday tune
  • Embossing gun
  • A handful of stickpins

As you’ve likely surmised, the sheet music is meant to be wrapped all of the way around the pillar candle, so it’s best that you print the sheet music using the exact same white hue as your candle. If the two colors don’t match perfectly, the result might not look as seamless as our host’s.

Pro tip: you can find a ton of great, FREE holiday-themed sheet music at 8notes.com!

Once you have your sheet music printed out, it’s time for you to attach it to the candle using the stick pins and the embossing gun.

Now, we know what some of you newbie DIYers are thinking: Who in the heck has an embossing gun lying around?!

If this is, in fact, you, DON’T sub the embosser for an ooey-gooey hot glue gun! Instead, invest in the ultra-versatile embossing gun; most are around 20 bucks and they are super useful for all kinds fo projects. Sometimes you have to invest just a lit-tle bit of cash to successfully pull off DIYs.

Get it? Got it? Good!

But, procedure aside, what we love most about this DIY is that you can adapt the idea for other occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Whatever you decide, it’ll definitely be meaningful, so be sure to watch and learn how to make these music-wrapped candles on your own. Talk about a unique, easy, and, best of all, CHEAP Christmas DIY!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this Christmas music candle! Are you a fan of this project? Have you ever made it before? What’s your all-time favorite Christmas-themed DIY?