Before a global pandemic hit, teachers never had it easy. And now, during the continuing COVID-19 outbreak, their careers have been pushed even farther.

For the 2020-2021 school year, teachers are either teaching remotely or teaching in-person with social distancing and health protocols in place. Some districts are allowing students to switch off their days of in-person and remote learning, but teachers must remain in the building the entire school week.

No matter how they’re teaching this year, neither will be easy, especially for an already challenging job.

We all want to seem to want to give back to teachers any way we can. Even Krispy Kreme recently offered a deal for free donuts for teachers in the beginning of August. (Donuts can help anything, right?)

Now, singer and author Chrissy Teigen is trying her best to help out the educators. She recently posted on Twitter saying that she was planning to help teachers out buy their school supplies for this upcoming, unpredictable school year.

“If you are a teacher in need of supplies for the upcoming school year, please drop your amazon wishlist here, I will do as many as I can!” she wrote.

Teachers everywhere couldn’t help but turn to Teigen for help. More than 70,000 people liked the tweet, with hundreds of thousands of teachers shooting her over their lists like she was Santa Claus.

“Ok I’m looking at your lists now! I’ll do as many items as I can — I wish there were a button to add everything at once! It’s gonna take me a long while so bear with me!” she later wrote on Twitter as an update.

Though the teachers who reached out may have thought it was a long shot, Teigen really came through as best she could.

In just one day, on top of all of her own responsibilities, Teigen selflessly took care of buying items from 50 teachers’ lists. In addition, she noted that other people who saw her post decided they wanted to pitch in to help, too, which helped even more teachers than she originally thought she could.

Teigen updated followers that she’ll continue to address teachers’ lists this week with a focus on “struggling districts and special needs.” She encouraged anyone who didn’t already to send over their lists and she’d do her best to accommodate them. What a great gesture for teachers! What kinds of ways can we help out teachers during this challenging time in their careers?