Many moms have felt mom-shamed at one time or another. There are many different styles of parenting, and no matter what a mom does, some other mom out there is going to think she’s doing it wrong. And some moms haven’t learned the phrase we teach kids: “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”

Chrissy Teigen has endured her fair share of mom-shaming. Being in the spotlight definitely brings out the critics. She has been criticized for going to dinner with her husband, John Legend, 10 days after giving birth. She has been criticized for how she chooses to dress her kids, choosing to undergo IVF, and even for breastfeeding. Then there are vegans and vegetarians who criticize her for posting pictures of her kids eating meat.

Now, Teigen is being mom-shamed again. This time, it’s for a photo she posted on Instagram. In the photo, Teigen’s son Miles is walking through her legs completely interrupting a topless photoshoot.


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Some of Teigen’s followers can relate to the photo. They think it really is a good representation of motherhood. For example, one comment reads, “This pic really speaks to me. This is motherhood.”

Another one of Teigen’s followers wrote, “Hahaha kids always have to be in the pic ALWAYS!”

Yet another comment reads, “Ha ha. Only a mom knows this level of lack of privacy!”

Not everyone was so nice. Get ready for the mom-shamers. For example, one comment reads, “Poor John Legend… Never in a million years I thought he would end up with someone with absolutely no class.

Another follower wrote, “Sorry I love ya. But this is inappropriate.”

Then there’s this comment. “Ok. I love you Chrissy…but theres gotta be some better boundaries…especially in what’s appropriate and what isnt. Common….I’d like to believe you’re better than this.”

We’re sure Teigen knew she was going to get some criticism when she posted the photo. Her followers certainly expected it. One person wrote, “Who else saw this picture and immediately went to comments sections to read the clap backs????”

Teigen is the queen of clap backs. She wrote, “wait till they find out we take baths together.” In another reply she joked, “everyone mad can reply here so I can block you in one area.”

Even though Teigen seems very comfortable in her own skin and with motherhood, she admitted in 2020 that mom-shamers do get to her. In 2020, she told TODAY, “The comments affect me.” Yet, she has learned to develop a thick skin.

Teigen is far from the only mom that is rocking motherhood but struggling with critics. She explained, “Hearing that nine out of 10 moms don’t feel like they’re doing a good enough job is terrible. We’re all so worried that we’re not doing all that we can, when we really are.”

Have you ever been mom-shamed? Do you think Teigen’s photo with her son is inappropriate or the perfect representation of motherhood?